Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Pump Volute for Waste

Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Pump Volute for Waste

Industries can start being environmentally-conscious by installing stainless steel pump volute for waste oil. Such pipes are already being widely used in food production, pharmaceutical development, chemical production, mining and petroleum production industries. It could be easily used in oil and gas industries, to remove the waste oil so that it does not accumulate into the soil. We have already heard about the oil spills in Mumbai, Chennai and the other parts of India – which still has its consequences upon the fishing industries in the coastal areas. So, do you know how can you save the environment with Stainless Steel Pump Volute?

Advantages of a Stainless Steel Waste Oil Pump in the Oil and Gas Industry

Following are the advantages of Stainless Steel Waste Oil Pump in the Oil and Gas Industry:


Stainless steel pump volute for waste oil are corrosion and weather-resistant, which makes them excellent for use in oil and gas industries. The quality of steel is very important in such an industry as its effectiveness plays a great role in maintaining the health of the people living on the vessel. To prevent risking everyone’s and everything’s health, the pump should be made of durable material, and there must be precise measurements of everything.


Moreover, oil pumping takes a huge amount of manpower, experience and money. Once digging starts, it is almost impossible to separate the waste from the ground. Therefore, stainless steel waste oil pumps help in removing the waste safely, so that it doesn’t mix with natural water. Stainless steel is produced from a variety of powerful materials and chemicals, which make it chemical-resistant. Molybdenum is added to the steel at the time of production which makes it resistant to chemicals, corrosion and oxidation.


Austenite is also added to the stainless steel oil waste pipes at the time of production, which is essentially a combination of chromium and nickel. This helps in creating a resistance against heat and pitting, which is common in other kinds of metals.

Easy to weld as per need

Stainless steel is extremely malleable, which is why it can be molded across large distances as per our convenience. Moreover, they are adaptable to every kind of weather and harsh environments, and won’t get damaged under unavoidable circumstances. They are also resistant to solvents, acids, sea water and brine, to name a few.


Oil and gas industries are notorious for polluting the ground with synthetic oil, toxic waste and residual waste that could be environmentally hazardous. Stainless steel pipes help preventing the mixing up of toxic waste from seeping into the ground, or even helping to separate oil waste from natural groundwater. It does not damage the environment in any way, and instead helps to keep our natural resources free from getting contaminated and fit for human consumption.

Therefore, stainless steel waste oil pump volutes are an essential part of the oil and gas industry. It benefits the society with a fast and convenient oil transport system, yet does not damage the environment in any way. A stainless steel water pump will take care of both performance and environmental issues, if any, thus benefitting you both professionally and personally.

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