Aimix Collection Of Concrete Mixing Plants

Aimix Collection Of Concrete Mixing Plants

Most likely no matter where you’re situated in the world, the construction market is one who is booming usually. So, if you’re thinking about buying a concrete mixing plant, you’re lucky because there are several manufactures just like the Aimix Group CO. Ltd that supply an array of top-quality machines. Our article features a number of the concrete mixing plants that are produced from the Aimix company.

Aimix manufactured several different types of mobile mixing plants. These feature several movable equipment that can be used for both long-term and short-term projects. And they also can readily produce dry hard concrete and also plastic concrete together with others. However, the hauling type plant was crafted to get mobile and in addition it adopts the semi-pulling design.

As well as the system also features the standard traction pin using the running system and it will be pulled by a tractor. This may cause movement faster an convenient without an excessive amount of problems and it requires merely a day to the installation process to take place. We’ll enter into the very first model.

The YHZS25m3/h can be a perfectly constructed mobile concrete mixing plant. The mixer has perfect CE, SGS, BV as well as ISO certification and may easily handle aggregate using a diameter as high as 80/60 mm. And, it can easily produce 25 m3 for each and every hour of operation.

Concrete Plant

The 2nd mixer on our list is the YHZS35m3/h concrete mixing plant in Bangladesh. This mixer has the capacity to produce 35 m3 each hour and will also support aggregate having a diameter up to 80/60 mm. It ought to be noted that it Aimix product is also BV, CE, SGS as well as ISO certified to create the best.

The 3rd concrete mixer from Aimix is that of the YHZS50m3/h. And as the name says, it can easily produce approximately 50 m3 each hour. However, much like the previous models, the max aggregate diameter is 80/60 mm and also the mobile mixing plant is fully certified based on BV, CE, SGS and ISO.

Our fourth concrete mixing plant is the YHZS75m3/h. This mobile mixer can readily churn out as much as 75 m3 of concrete every hour. In fact it is once again certified using the highest industry standards by BV, CE, SGS and ISO.

And last but not least is definitely the YHZS100m3/h model. This beast of your mixer produces 100 m3 of concrete every hour that it is in operation. And even though it works by using a diameter of aggregate having 80/60 mm, it can be heavily certified to satisfy the very best standards inside the construction industry plus the safety industry.

When we conclude, we have just investigated the YHZS collection of mobile concrete mixing plants from your Aimix Group CO. Ltd. Therefore we have given some description for each machine with regards to what it are equipped for as well as its general output for each and every hour of employment. Don’t forget to train proper industry practices when operating any machinery!

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