Air Showers Keeping Interiors Clean With Fresh Air

Air Showers Keeping Interiors Clean With Fresh Air

Air showers are enclosed chambers or cabinets used as an entryway to separate normal environment areas to the area of controlled or extremely clean environments area. once you enter the area of air shower it uses air pressure to sterilise all the contaminated particles either left on the coveralls that a person is wearing or any particular product or material or literally anything that is going to be used in room of clean environment, because not even single contaminated particle can enter the air of cleanroom otherwise the whole environment will be contaminated. Air showers are extremely useful for the places where very crucial experiments either for medicine or for other reasons are taking place which requires a clean and controlled environment for the experiment to take place properly.

How does Air shower work?

Air showers utilize high pressure, HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) or ULPA (Ultra-low particulate air) to filter the air remove the contaminated particles from whoever or whatever enters the enclosed cabin or entryway at which these specialized air showers are placed in an enclosed chamber which has to entrances that separate the area of clean air to the other side. It’s very crucial for enclosed spaces where air cleaned that everything or everyone that enters that area does not contain contaminated particles otherwise it can completely jeopardize the clean air of enclosed space and the whole air will get contaminated.

The forceful cleansing of all the surfaces before entering the clean environment reduces the no air-born contaminated particles that can make them absolutely clean environment contaminated and precarious.
Air showers are the result of years-long consistent research and development in the field of research and development and technology. When properly incorporated into clean-room design, air showers provide ISO-classified.

Measures of safety

The interlocking mechanism that air showers possess is very standard because it needs to separate the environment of both the places and yet provide an entryway or exit which will not jeopardize the clean atmosphere yet provide a space to enter and while simultaneously get rid of contaminated particles present at the surface of person or anything that transit between the areas.

The two sperate gates of entryway one which leads to the clean environment from the air shower and the other gate is used for entering the entry from normal environment, the entryway is perfectly enclosed and airtight which is the most important structural point and both the gates can never open at the same time once you enter the entryway of air shower with all the contaminated particle and air it gets decontaminated and only then the actual entry gate opens so the air contaminated air can’t pass through the interlocking entryway.

Air showers are built in a tunnel-like structures so, that the environment can be cleaned properly and the air from different parts cannot find an intersection to cross.

Air showers are used at various places medical institutes or other places where air needs to be fully clean and it is even used at NASA.

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