Anchor Points You Need to Use While Working at Height

Anchor Points You Need to Use While Working at Height

In construction, falls are the key concern. Most of the fall fatalities happen because either the workers are not trained or they don’t have proper fall protection or chose not to use that. It is worth noting that not all fall protection solutions are perfect. Getting a harness, as well as a lanyard, might be great; however, where to tie-off. For instance, think if you are on the roof, to which thing you would tie-off. 

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Earlier large mechanical pieces or PVC pipes were the only structures that people used for securing harnesses. That’s the only option in case there were structures. The only option that comes out is a warning line as well as a monitor system that does not fall protection. However, there has been an advancement in technology. And, it has brought a range of roof anchor points for fall protection that could help solve different situations such as

  • Anchor Straps

They are used in the situation where people have equipment on the roof that they find hard to tie off to. This might remain true; however, in case there is any supporting structural steel or suitable equipment available to be used as the anchor point. You might not get a place for connecting snap hooks. However, the anchor strap could give you the connection you require. These are designed specifically for fall protection use. 

  • Mobile Weighted Anchors

Similar in design as well as look to the fall protection stanchions, mobile anchors with weights do the similar task that too without roof penetration. It is important to note that the weights are broken down into practicable sizes as well as moved around in the cart that comes with the system.

It is advised to ensure that employees are trained properly to assemble the anchor point. Though assembly is not difficult, it is more than wrapping the strap around the beam or tightening the clamp. 

  • Tripods

A scenario in which it is difficult to find anchor points is the vertical entry in something like a manhole. With essential recovery equipment in place, adding extra lanyards could become bulky. In such situations, the simple solution is using the retrieval tripod. 

It is important to note that not all tripods offer fall protection. Therefore, in case you are depending on a tripod, ensure you check the information provided by the manufacturer for determining if it is suitable. In case not, it is advised to invest in a suitable tripod.

  • Door Bars

Door bars are the popular fall protection anchor points. The door bar is the metal bar that is adjustable in size as well as is wedged in the place of the window jamb or side of the door from the point work would take place.  It could be an effective as well as a quick solution if used properly.

Apart from these, another anchor point that you could use is rigid rail systems. Some operations are different and need a different approach. For instance, in unloading operations, rail yard work, or truck washing situations, it might be hard to find an anchor. For such applications, you might use a rigid lifeline system.

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