Aneel Murarka Profession : The Drive To Achieve More !

Aneel Murarka Profession : The Drive To Achieve More !

One of India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of Specialty Chemicals for the Textile Industry, is The Mirachem Industries. Being a dedicated Philanthropist, the professional capabilities of the company’s Managing Director, Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka are often overlooked. A visionary who turned his company from an entrepreneurial venture into a corporate!

The Humble Beginnings Of Aneel Murarka

Mirachem Industries was founded by Kashiprasad Murarka(father of Aneel Murarka), in the year 1975, to cater to the textile industry which was developing into a technology-oriented industry for domestic markets, at the time. The tender young age of fifteen, was the start of the professional life of Aneel Murarka, as a trainee in the company under the guidance of his father, who was also his mentor.

Starting out at the plant, to understand operations under his supervisors, he felt way out of his depth with new challenges at every stage. At the time, he reported to his seniors. A very strict disciplinarian, in the form of his father, insisted he become so capable that those supervisors would be forced to ask him instead for valuable inputs to improve.

Being an amateur, Dr. Murarka was a bit skeptical, till he realized that that was his father showing belief in him. Five months down the line, he delivered on all of his responsibilities making everyone take notice.

Business Principles Of Aneel Murarka Profession

Being a stickler for quality (a trait he has inherited from his father), Aneel Murarka profession quality makes sure his own company, Mirachem Industries, also lives up to his standards. According to him, quality derives from a commitment to service and excellence. A few of his business principles are:

Customer focus – Quality begins and ends with Customer requirements and they must always be satisfied.

Relationship – Mutually beneficial relationships must be built with both customers and vendors.

Innovation – High-performance products and services must be developed without any compromise in quality.

New Beginnings and Scaling New Heights

Though Mirachem Industries was already a stable business, Aneel Murarka profession, was a dearly required addition to it. He has been the reason that has catapulted the scope of his business enterprise beyond numerous boundaries, so as to tap the export market.

He was also the key instrument when the change to a marketing-oriented focus, from a production-oriented focus, took place. One of his specialties is forging alliances with reputed textile majors, by making dedicated efforts and travels to key markets, so as to extend the reach of the products and services of his company. He has singlehandedly turned his company’s fortunes around, helping it to reach a different league altogether.

As a blogger, the author tends to dwell among the topics of Business, Industry, etc. Here he describes the professional prowess of Industrialist Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka.

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