3 Ways To Have More Appealing Custom Boxes For Product Packing

3 Ways To Have More Appealing Custom Boxes For Product Packing

Product packaging today is more important than ever. In addition to providing its customary functionalities like product safety and organization, it is now required to boost the retail appeal for products as well. Gone are the days when you could use simple and plain functionality driven boxes and be done with the whole packaging issue for products. Today, standards require Custom Boxes to be absolutely beautiful and attention-grabbing for products in order to boost their retail appeal from retail shelves.


Appealing and attention-grabbing Custom Boxes Packaging is the trend for all types of retail products. Anything that gets sold from a retail shelf or even through shipping channels needs to look great in packaging boxes. Product manufacturers also prefer their Custom Boxes Wholesale to be available at affordable prices along with other attractive bulk purchase deals. Some of the top requirements from your custom packaging boxes should always be:

• Provide efficient product organization
• Offer organized product storage at all times
• Keep products safely packaged for as long as required
• Make an attractive and beautiful statement from shelves
• Provide efficient product shelf placement options
• Put the spotlight on brand names and logos

Usually, the best thing a product brand can do is to find a reliable, high-quality Custom Boxes Manufacturer. Top quality packaging providers offer attractive wholesale deals with some of the most beautiful boxes that tick all boxes at the same time. Here are few of the best tips to get appealing, attractive product packaging boxes:


1: Choosing the Right Materials

Like anything else, the packaging is heavily dependent on its material quality. Packaging boxes need to have some of the best quality materials that offer maximum protection for products in an organized, compact way. All designing and processing will be done on your materials. Types of materials that are design and print friendly will always boost the appeal of your Custom Boxes most efficiently.

There are many different options when it comes to which kind of materials you would use for your packaging. Most retail products are perfect for packaging boxes made from cardstock materials. Cardboard or corrugated stocks are essentially made from paper and have a soft yet rigid non-bendable finish to them. This combination allows them to offer their perfect impact absorbent protection for products while their smooth and soft surfaces are perfect for any type of designing, cutting, folding and finishing as well.


Cardboard or corrugated packaging boxes also support all different stages in a product’s lifecycle. Right after products have been manufactured and packaged in these cardboard boxes, they will be best protected through their shipping and retailing lifecycles. When you have designed them beautifully, your boxed products will look attractive and appealing from retail shelves at the same time. When in the designing stage of your packaging boxes, you should make sure to get samples from your packaging supplier. This will allow you to get a perfect look and feel for the types of materials used in your boxes.

2: Most Suitable Designs, Sizes, and Dimensions

Packaging designing will always be one of the most crucial stages for any product. Simple and plain square, rectangle or circles shaped packaging boxes are a thing of the past. Today, people appreciate much modern and attractively shaped Custom Boxes Packaging solutions. When you need to maximize your product’s retail appeal, fancy and attractive shapes with accurate sizes and dimensions will always work best.

These attractive, unique shapes also work great when it comes to attracting maximum attention from retail shelves. Depending on your product types, sizes, and shapes, you can have appealing custom packaging boxes in unique designs as well. Design customizations can also work great for the functionality of your packaging boxes as well. When you have the right Custom Boxes Manufacturer, you should have access to as many customization options in designs and shapes as required.

However, your packaging boxes should always look and feel suitable for your product types. Going overkill with packaging design shapes can destroy the purpose and make your customers skip your products. Sharp shapes with edgy designs look very modern. You can also give your boxes a custom surface finish to make them stand out on retail shelves. Custom surface lamination options including gloss, matte and spot UV suit best for a luxurious, unique look and feel. You should make your boxes attractive and appealing with design customizations while keeping in mind all the different functionality traits required from them as well.

3: Printing and Logo Placement on Custom Boxes Wholesale

When you want truly beautiful packaging boxes for your products, printing has to be properly top notch. Printed designs are ultimately the most important when it comes to retail display products. In addition to having all the required product information on them, printed boxes also have beautiful designs that make them catch attention from retail shelves. Box’s printing finishes and color combinations will have much to say in product presentation.


When you need to maximize your brand identity using packaging boxes, logo printed boxes will work best as well. These enable your brand to grow in the target market by influencing its perception in the minds of your buyers and potential customers from retail shelves. Brand logos can also provide a great focal point for your boxes. Some of the best brand logo printing and placement options for packaging boxes are:

• Custom metallic gold/silver foil stamping
• Accurate embossing or debossing for a unique look
• Customized look and feel raised ink printing in different finishes
• High definition printing in attractive contrasting colors

The way your brand logo is placed and printed along with other printed designs will make your boxes speak out loud on retail shelves. Contrasting colors for brand logos and printed designs from that of the material color for Custom Boxes always works best. You need to make your printed designs as clearly visible and attractive as possible. Keeping in mind the basic purpose of your packaging boxes, which is to be as attractive and appealing as possible, you can experiment with different printing colors and designs.

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