Are Compostable Packaging Bags A Myth?

Are Compostable Packaging Bags A Myth?

With the growing demand for consumer products, wastes are also growing, and with the increasing waste, our mother earth is moving closer towards an ecological disaster. Hence the need for compostable packaging bags is also growing spearheaded by environmentalists.

What is compostable packaging bags?

The word compostable creates a lot of confusion. Many understand that these products can be easily disposed of by the environment. But no, that’s not correct. Compostable products are those products, which are non-toxic and biodegradable. These products, when decomposed to the environment, break into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. This decomposition happens within 90 – 180 days after the wastes are disposed of. These compostable products not only disintegrate and break down into biodegradable minerals but also convert into compost with no dangerous residue left behind, which can be unhealthy to a living being and hazardous to the environment.

Hence, all the packaging done for shipment or carry bags or packing bags used for delivery are made of these compostable products and are thus known as compostable packaging bags.

Since we have understood what compostable products and compostable packaging bags are, we now know why it is needed so much. Manufacturers, shopkeepers, vendors, and traders have also understood the importance of them. Now they prefer these packaging over other plastics bags because they now find it convenient to use. The best part of this packaging is that they are versatile.

Is compostable packaging bags a myth?

Whenever packaging is done, it is expected that the packaging material is flexible so that the packaging can be smooth and flawless with minimum stress. The packaging should be small in size and occupy the least space.

Generally, plastics are considered to be the most flexible materials, and hence the manufacturing of biodegradable plastic started so that decomposition can be quick. But do you know that some plastics cannot be decomposed 100%? Therefore paper bags; jute bags and other decomposing materials came into the picture.

To breakdown waste into compost, they are collected and brought to a specific standard temperature. As per the WRAP (a waste charity), the ideal temperature for compost to break down is 55 – 60 degrees Celsius, which is combined with, oxygen and humidity to make it a perfect condition for breaking. These conditions are reviewed to be better than surface water, marine water or soil.

In this way, all the compost breaks down into minerals and go back to the mother earth in the form of fertilizers leaving behind zero wastes. So if you still ask if compostable packaging bags are a myth? Then the answer is a definite NO. So always go for compostable packaging bags, it is eco-friendly and it does not harm the environment.

What does the future hold?

Traditional plastic bags need to be banned, and utilization of biodegradable plastic bags or compostable carry bags need to be incorporated with a bold and bright label mentioning it is biodegradable and hence ecofriendly.  It will help the consumer to identify the bag quickly and dispose of them in the right way. Complete usage of plastic-free films in the manufacturing of the packaging bags and pouches also needs to be incorporated.

Compostable Packaging Bags

I hope this change in the manufacturing unit will bring a massive revolution in our environment. And make our earth a happier and healthier place for tomorrow thereby reducing the ill effects of global warming.

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