Artificial intelligence (AI) Based Patent Searching – Some Pointers

Artificial intelligence (AI) Based Patent Searching – Some Pointers

Looking for the best artificial intelligence patent search services? You should always set store by Ensemble IP which has AI or artificial intelligence at the very core of its functioning. The company carefully analyzes the very latest AI driven techniques along with their implementation into various products and services while also understanding their application throughout diverse industries at the same time. AI helps in spurring greater innovation across 35 key industries such as medicine, transportation, energy, hardware, agriculture, aerospace, software and telecommunications among others. With more than 340,000 patent families and also 1.6 million scientific papers globally, artificial intelligence (AI) will definitely play a vital role in affecting overall patent based practices. Ensemble IP is the company that has the best experience to search AI patents for clients in a variety of industries.

Ensemble IP understands what goes into artificial intelligence patent searches since the company uses AI itself for its own business. Leaders at the company are AI experts as well in their own right and the AI search practice has heavy emphasis on AI applications which is one department where patenting activity is sizable indeed. Wherever there is lighter patenting activity, the emphasis shifts towards non-patent dissertations and theses along with conference proceedings, IEEE Xplore, AMC digital library and other databases that are predominantly technology driven. With stringent and tougher litigation, it helps to depend upon Ensemble IP which is based in the United States of America and it is also headquartered in the country where in excess of 70% AI linked patent litigation has its origination as well. Some of the techniques for AI include machine learning, support vector machines, decision trees, unsupervised learning, neural networks, supervised learning, ontology engineering, fuzzy logic, probabilistic reasoning, logic programming and more. Key real-world applications include computer vision, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, biometrics, video and image segmentation, character recognition, object tracking, decision trees, scene understanding, control methods and so on.

Other applications include knowledge representation, scheduling and planning, NLP (natural language processing), robotics, predictive analysis and also speech processing among others. Ensemble IP fuses human skills and experience with time-tested artificial intelligence tools for coming up with highly reliable patent searches for litigators, attorneys and R&D managers alike.

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