Ask a Planner : How to Choose a Wedding Venue

Ask a Planner : How to Choose a Wedding Venue

Wedding season is upon us and this is time you must start looking for wedding venues, we all know that wedding venue plays a huge role in the entire process. So, start looking out for good wedding venues at least 6 months before your wedding. 

Pre-booking a wedding venue is always advised as it helps you set the tone for all the functions, wedding planners often have a set of wedding venues that they work in. If you have a wedding planner then you can be rest assured that you don’t have to go out of your way to look for wedding venues. 

Everything from the decor to food depends on the venue, once you know your venue you can easily work with other aspects to make the event a complete whole.

Here is what famous wedding decorators in Kochi have to say about choosing the right wedding venue. 

Set a budget

The first thing that you need to keep in your mind is a budget, budget plays a huge role in planning a wedding with or without a wedding planner. However, it is always easier to handle your budget with an assigned wedding planner. Keep a separate budget for wedding venues, you can also choose smaller locations for intimate functions like mehndi and sangeet and a bigger location for the wedding day. 

Know what you want

It is important to know what type of wedding venue you are looking for. Weddings are a once in a lifetime and you must be sure about what visions you have for your wedding venue. Ask yourself if you want an outdoor venue, an indoor venue, or both. 

Once you decide this you can just go ahead with looking at your preferred venues and selecting the ones that work with your vision. 

Talk to your planner

Once you have laid out your vision to your wedding planner, seek their advice on what type of venue will work best. They are experienced and know what will work for you, staying under budget is also an important aspect of planning a wedding. 

Know your guests 

The wedding is all about the bride and groom but we can not compromise on the comfort of the guests. If you want an outdoor wedding during the summer season then it might be a little troubling for the guests. So, you can look at indoor venues that match your vision, this way you do not have to compromise on your ideas, and your guests can also be comfortable. 

Research about the venue

Another important thing to keep in mind while selecting a venue is to do proper research about it. Know if you have to pay for extra decor if the chairs and tables will be arranged for you and so on. See what all you get with the venue and what all you will have to add to it. This way you can calculate the extra money you will have to put into each venue. 

We would advise you to go ahead and check out a few venues before making any bookings, keep an open mind and search for venues under your budget. 

Check the venue capacity 

Each venue has a different capacity, make a guest list before you go venue hunting. Have a basic guest idea in your head so you know how many people to accommodate. Another important thing is to see if the venue has enough parking for your guests, you do not want your guests struggling to find a spot to park. 

Check out the food

A lot of venues do not allow outside catering, so make sure that you go for a taste test of the caterers available at the venue. Similarly, check if you are allowed to get an outside decorator or not. Wedding decoration service Ernakulam are the best decorators in town, they can help you with different types of decoration for your wedding day and other events following up to the wedding.

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