How To Attract Customers With Trendy Muffin Boxes

How To Attract Customers With Trendy Muffin Boxes

Everyone likes delicious and freshly baked cupcakes, and they are one of those items that never go out of demand. Another thing that is no less important than the way the delight tastes is their casing in which they are packed. The innovation in the packaging manufacturing industry has brought variety in all types of cartons. This innovation has positively influenced the muffin boxes as well.

Muffin Boxes

These casings are designed considering the fact that the baked items require better, stylish, and protective packages that not only enhance their presentation but also keep them protected from all those things that can ruin the taste or shape of the sweet delights. The following are some tips using which you can make the packages of your bakes items look more striking that can grab the attention of the customers and ultimately enhance the sales of your brand.

Give them a personalised touch

It does not matter if you are running the baking business on a smaller scale or large, you will, however, need food boxes for their wrapping anyway. Even if you do not want to go for personalised casings, you will have to wrap the baked food in order to sell them. So while you have to acquire packages for your products, why not give them a personalised touch to make them look more attractive and presentable?


Giving them a customized bit is not something that you should be worried about thinking that you know nothing about personalisation of the casings. Well, do not worry anymore because it is not rocket science after all. All you have to do is to look for what other brands are doing to make their packages look better; you will get an idea about how you can improve the casings of your items.


One easy way to do personalisation is to get the name of the manufacturing brand imprinted on the casings. You might be thinking how adding a brand name is different? Adding a signature is not an unusual thing but the way you add it can surely make the difference.

Pick a food-grade material

The material that is to be used for the manufacturing of the cartons for cakes should be safe for food products. If not, you might be taking a significant risk here because the moment your customers will get to know that the edibles that they are about to pay for are not packed in safe for food packages, they will leave it without having a second thought. That is why you should pick bags that are made with the material which is safe for edibles. The cardboard boxes are considered the best in this regard, whereas Kraft stock and paper stock are also used for this purpose.


Food lovers in the modern age are concerned about the taste, but they are more worried about the stock that is used for the wrapping of the edibles. Moreover, the non-food grade material can also ruin the taste of the baked product, and it can also make it spoiled even before the expiration date.

Occasion-based customisation

These custom boxes for muffins can be used as an attention-grabbing tool on occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween, and many other personal events as well. The occasion-based customisation of these casings makes them look more related to the even and the customers get attracted to them, eventually to the products inside them.

Muffin Boxes

The customisation option that you can avail to make them look more attractive, eye-catching, and occasion-based include the choice of colour scheme, designing of the cartons, printing style, finishing style, and many other things.

Muffin Boxes

You can avail of all these customisations or some of them according to your choice that you think necessary for your business. It is better if you consult with a specialist before making the final decision of choosing the customisations, in this way you will get the most beautiful packages for your baked products.

Add inserts and sleeves

Sleeves and insertions are added to the custom boxes to make them safer, securer, and most importantly fitting for the cupcakes. Since cupcakes are not the same in size and shape, their casing should also be according to their size and shape, or else your product will be delivered to the market in a damaged way. Instead of grabbing the attention of the customers, the corrupted form of the product will make them to think otherwise and to go for the other item that is entire.


There are few things about the sleeves and insertions that need to be considered while you are opting for them. First, the sleeves and additions should be made with organic and food-grade material because they will have direct contact with the product. Secondly, they should be in an appropriate size so that the baked food can be placed in them perfectly well. Thirdly, it is better if they have a coating of the vinyl sheet on them so that the muffins do not get stick with them while they are inside the carton.

Own your product

All the leading brands, whether food or non-food manufacturers, own their product with pride. This is one of the many reasons that their goods are liked by and popular among the customers so much. You can use these muffin boxes for this purpose as they are the first thing that the customers encounter while they are looking for sweet and delicious cupcakes.

Muffin Boxes

It does not matter if the customers buy one piece of cake or the whole pack of it, they will have to face the carton in which the sweet delights are placed on the display in a store. All you have to do is to add the logo of your brand on the box, the name of the product, and most importantly, your brand name. The addition of these things will give the impression that you have made the food in the best possible way and that you are presenting your products in the market with pride.

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