Benefits of Eating Goodgood’s Blueberry Jam for Breakfast

Benefits of Eating Goodgood’s Blueberry Jam for Breakfast

Jams have been a popular accompaniment for many breakfast options across the world for a long time. With time and the introduction of flavoured jams, blueberry jam has been a hit. The combination of juicy blueberries in the form of jam is something people really love. But because it’s a jam, it got to be sweet which is not healthy. So is there any other blueberry jam which is healthy? Of course! Yes, you read it correctly. Goodgood, which makes blueberry jam in the USA, is a healthy alternative. You may wonder why! So read it out to find why it is considered a healthy breakfast choice. They make their blueberry jam in USA with natural sweeteners like stevia and erythritol. Their blueberry jam reviews have only been positive. They don’t add any extra sugar except for the sugars from the real fruits which are naturally occurring and they are sweetened only with the natural sweeteners. This jam has been taken by people on keto as well as vegan diets and they have shared positive blueberry jam reviews because these are keto and vegan friendly both. If you are wondering what blueberry jam recipe you can make then it’s a suggestion for the manufacturer that it goes best with some homemade keto muffins. You can use this blueberry jam recipe option in your breakfast and combine it with pancakes, waffles, toasts and other such breakfast choices that go in your diet. Because they contain naturally occurring sugars, they don’t give you so many carbs or calories nor do they increase your blood sugar levels as such. These jams contain just 21,5 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of which 6,1 grams is sugars and 15,2 grams is polyols, and the saturated fats per 100 grams is zero. These are all considered healthy nutritional values so you can include the blueberry jam in your breakfast and you will be at a benefit in terms of health. The company believes in making your life sweeter without sugars, therefore gifting you a choice of good health without having to compromise on tastes. So you can have all that you want to have in your breakfast as per your diet and have a small portion of blueberry jam along with it, in it or on top of it and relish the taste of real, juicy blueberries and enhance your dish. You can check out the link to get a blueberry jam for yourself here –

o take a view of all that they offer, head to

If blueberries are your favourite out of all the other berries and you are a fan of jams, then you will surely love this with its great taste and loads of healthy benefits like no added sugar, real berries, and natural sweeteners. So do give Goodgood’s blueberry jam a try and enjoy it’s flavours and make it complement and lift your dish.

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