How Solar Pool Heating In Sydney Can Be a Real Benefit To Your Pool

How Solar Pool Heating In Sydney Can Be a Real Benefit To Your Pool

Western Australia has fantastic weather, so most homes can’t live without a swimming pool. Home owners can get the most out of their investment by adding solar pool heating in sydney. Pool heating means that you can enjoy your swimming pool from spring right through to autumn, by keeping your pool warmer for longer. If you haven’t thought about it before, there are heaps of reasons why you should consider getting solar pool heating for your home swimming pool. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Solar is the simple solution for Sydney pools

Harnessing the sun’s energy to heat water has been around for many years. Solar pool heating works simply by pumping the cold water from your pool through solar absorbers on your hot roof. The water is heated as it flows through, before making the return trip to your swimming pool. Solar pool heating systems are economical and long life because they are just so simple.

Solar pool heating in Sydney is relatively inexpensive

Depending on what kind of pool heating option you choose for your pool, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think. Solar pool heating uses free energy from the sun to heat the pool, and there are no recurring costs or monthly bills to be concerned about. Solar pool heating has the lowest annual operation costs, low maintenance costs, and pays for itself in very short amount of time.

Solar pool heating is environmentally friendly

Living in WA, solar pool heating is a great option because of all the sunny days sydney receives a year. Solar only uses the sun, so it’s reliable and pollution free. You don’t rely on fossil fuels, and only the small auxiliary solar circulation pump consumes energy. Solar is by far the cleanest, safest and quietest source of energy for heating your swimming pool, making it the best choice by far.

Solar is dependable and has the best warranty

Solar pool heating has few moving parts, meaning that operation and maintenance requirements are minimal. Solar heat is always going to exist and it’s free, so it is no surprise that it has the longest lifespan of any pool heating option in sydney. By installing a durable and good quality system correctly, your solar pool heating system will surpass its 10 year warranty, and continue to heat your pool quietly, safely, and reliably, year after year.

Solar allows you to enjoy your pool more

A warm swimming pool provides hours of enjoyment, whether that be exercise, relaxing with friends and family, or just trying to escape the summer heat. Solar pool heating is a wise investment, and If you decide to sell your property in the future, solar pool heating can add real value to your sydney home.

Double your swimming season and save money using free sunshine to heat your swimming pool. Visit and speak to the experts about install solar Pool Heating in Sydney today.

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