Benefits of Shipping Container Transport Service via Railway

Benefits of Shipping Container Transport Service via Railway

Perhaps your manufacturing business is expanding that you are transporting products multiple times a week in various states to keep up with the demand. Moving items on your own may have worked in the past when you’re just starting, but it can be time-consuming and more expensive if you continue to do so, now that you have a container-worth of products to transport.

Instead of worrying about transporting goods on your own, it is best to rely on a professional shipping container transport service. Reputable companies that offer such service have the experience and effective system to ensure that your shipping containers will reach its destination at the right time and in good condition.

For moving goods over long distances and across various states, you should hire a freight service company that uses rail transport. This mode of transportation offers numerous benefits, such as the following:


When you rely on shipping containers via rail transport, you can readily estimate the time it will reach its destination. Unlike other modes of transportation that are impacted by numerous external factors like weather conditions and traffic, rail freight is reasonably resilient to outside elements, which means you are generally assured of timely delivery.

Trains are not affected by traffic congestion since it has an unobstructed railroad for their use alone, which makes monitoring of your goods hassle-free. Rail transport can also withstand the usual Australian Railway Association eather disturbances that typically affect air and sea freight services.


According to the Australian Railway Association, rail freight is up to nine times much safer compared with road transportation. Note that in 2017 alone, over 190 people died in road accidents involving heavy trucks, those that are commonly used for road freights. This number represents almost 16% of road deaths in Australia for the said year.

When you opt for rail freight, your products will have a better chance of arriving safely to its destination as railroads are much safer than the highway given the investments in infrastructure. More importantly, your company can help lower the risk of crashes involving container/heavy trucks since it will be a truck or two off the road and highways.


While practically all road freight service companies are aware of the damage caused by their trucks on the road, they may not know the maintenance cost they incur. Studies reveal that the expenditure is about $7,000 to over $10,000 per truck annually. Imagine how you are helping reduce road damage whenever you choose to transport your shipping containers via railways.

Relying on rail transport also reduces road congestion, particularly in high-traffic areas. Note that an ordinary freight train takes over a hundred container trucks off the roads.


If your company is committed to helping the environment, you should opt for rail transport since it is not only more fuel-efficient, but it also generates a much lesser carbon footprint than trucks. Studies show that road shipping in Australia produced carbon dioxide emissions that are nine times higher than rail transport from 2014 to 2015.

The items above are some of the advantages of relying on a shipping container transport service via railway. Note how this mode of transportation benefits not only your company but the community and the environment as well. To experience a reliable and worry-free service, make sure to hire a freight shipping company with experience and a good reputation in the industry.

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