Various Things You Need to Know About Cold Press Machine

Various Things You Need to Know About Cold Press Machine

Juicers have been in use for decades now; there is a wide variety of juicers available in the market for purchase. The one that stands out from all the other juicers is a cold press juicer. The cold press juicer is a technical marvel for the kind of precise components that are used and how they work harmoniously to deliver brilliance every time you turn it on. How do we understand the brilliance of equipment like the cold press machine? Well, think of a juicer that can juice out a root vegetable such as ginger and at the same time juice out a cucumber. It does not fit in well, does it? Well, that is exactly what a cold press machine will deliver, not only in good quantity but in good quality too.


Unlike others, the cold press machine will not over grind your fruit or vegetable as high-speed blades that destroy lots of nutrient in a regular juicer is avoided. The juice hence will take on better color, flavor and character. Oxidation of juices does not occur with the cold press machine since most of the cellar parts of the fruit are kept intact. All the enzymes and nutrients are preserved making for a healthy breakfast.

Regular Maintenance

With this great machine, comes the need to schedule and stick to a regular maintenance. Often there is residue that builds up and needs to be attacked or cleaned. Beetroot and carrot often do most of the damage to the machinery. You may need to remove the silicon rubber, along with any wiper blades, and soak them with bicarbonate mixed in hot water. About 2 spoons full of bicarbonate generally should do the trick. Ensure that you leave this mixture with the part of the juicer overnight and scrub them up mildly with a brush the next day. Use cotton or a soft cloth to clean areas that are narrow where you may notice that the brush would not reach.

Some parts of the cold press machine you may notice will not be pieces that you can get into a dishwasher. That makes way for some innovation, you may have noticed that the screen that gets the most pressure from the rotating auger needs to be cleaned, and it could have stains and mineral deposit on it. At the same time, it may also have fibers from fruits and vegetables stuck to it. You could choose to use a soft metal brush to penetrate any perforations on the screen; this will leave the screen new as before.

Comparison of Healthiness

The rotation action of a juicer that is centrifugal in nature is that it generates heat. The heat is then responsible to oxidase the nutrients and enzymes that are alive in fruits and vegetables. This tremendously reduces the nutrient value of the juice. On the other hand, the cold press machine ensures that most of the components are intact, this is also a reason that this equipment is not as noisy as compared to the centrifugal juicer.

Which Juicer to Buy

You could either opt for the cold press machine juicer. Consider the following points before you make a choice.

  • It is good to know what juicer you want to use to get the juice out of fruits and vegetables, this helps you make a choice. If it is to work with certain recipes and baking, then it justifies a centrifugal machine.
  • Noise factor, you should work on a machine with minimal noise in the kitchen.
  • Easy methods of dismantling and cleaning the juicer
  •  Ability to add more parts to make the juicer more effective and increase functionality.

It is good to keep in mind that juicers are as essential to the kitchen as a grinder and food processor is. It not only helps to make important parts of the meal but also helps to supplement enzymes into our daily food intake.

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