Best Electric Scooter Rental Sharing Companies in 2022

Best Electric Scooter Rental Sharing Companies in 2022

The eScooter market is expected to grow to $41.98 billion by 2030. It is a great time to include electric scooter rental companies on the list. We have listed the top eScooter rental companies that you can either partner with or follow to succeed to help you understand and start.

In 2020, the market for electric scooters reached around USD 19.4 billion. Between 2021 and 2028, the global market is projected to reach around a 7% CAGR annual rate. Due to rising vehicle demand and increasing concern about carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, eScooter adoption is expected to increase over the forecasted time.

Best Electric Scooter Rental

The eScooters are the eco-friendly and lucrative subset of online commuting. It offers a higher return value than other business models in the same domain. Electric scooter companies can benefit from many opportunities by choosing to enter the domain.


Check out these Top Electric Scooter Ride Sharing Companies in 2022

In 2022, the E–Scooter market is estimated to reach around $1.752 million in revenue. The revenue is expected to increase by 13.30% CAGR by 2026, which will result in a market volume of $28,888m. However, eScooter users are expected to be around 25.4 million by 2026.

Electric scooters can be found all over Europe, America, Santa Monica, San Diego, and Washington DC. The primary question is, how are they supported, Where did they come from, And how can urban communities love or hate them? What are the top electric scooter rental companies to grab success in the market?. We’ve covered every aspect of the burgeoning e-scooter industry.

The future of daily commutes is the electric scooter. It can travel to colleges, offices, tuition, and activity classes on large campuses. The electric scooter is an affordable way for students to move around the city. Let’s now discuss the top e-scooter companies.


Bird-Elec Scooter Rental Company


Founded in 2017 by Travis VanderZanden, Bird is a micro-mobility business in Santa Monica. The company rents electric scooters in over 100 cities across North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Bird offered 10 million rides within its first year.

Bird raised $15 million in Series A from Craft Ventures. Valor Equity Partners led the Series B round of $100 million Index Ventures led the Series B round. Sequoia Capital’s venture round of $150 million made Bird the fastest company to achieve the $1 billion “unicorn” valuation. Bird raised approximately $300,000,000 in 2018 to increase the company’s valuation to $ 2 billion.

Bird purchased the Berlin-based scooter company Circ in 2020. Bird also plans to launch in Austin in 2020 after approval of the “dockless” bike-share pilot program. Bird has stopped operations in some European and US cities.


Lime – Bike and Electric Scooter Rentals


Neutron Holdings, Inc. runs an electric scooter rental and bike rental business called Lime, also known as LimeBike. Lime, based in San Francisco, USA, is one of the most popular e-scooter companies. They offer electric scooters, mopeds, pedal bikes, and car-sharing services in various cities around the world. Users can search for and unlock dockless vehicles using an app that uses GPS to locate them.

LimeBike was founded in 2017 by Toby Sun, Brad Bao and received venture funding from Andreessen Horowitz. In 2017, the company launched 125 bikes. Lime raised more than $335,000,000 and teamed with Uber. Lime has made its mark internationally, launching electric scooters in Madrid and expanding into other countries. Electric scooter rental company boasts around 3,000,000 scooter and bike rentals by customers.


Ofo – Smart Bike Sharing

Smart Bike Sharing

Founded by members of the Peking University bicycle club in 2014. It was originally a project that aimed to promote bicycle tourism but then launched bicycle sharing. The Beijing-based bike-sharing company ofo uses an app that allows users to unlock and locate nearby bikes using a dockless system. It charges hourly rates and has approximately 10 million bikes in over 20 countries and 250 locations.

Ofo was worth US$ 2 billion and had more than 62.7 million active users monthly. In 2016, Didi Chuxing, Xiaomi, and other tech companies funded Ofo with US$130 million. It allowed it to expand outside China. Ofo was worth $1 billion in 2017 after a Series D round of funding led by Didi Chuxing and Russian investor Digital Sky Technologies. Ofo has seen a significant reduction in operations and, due to unpayable loans, has ceased operating in bike rentals starting in 2020.


Spin – Ride Your Way


Founded by Euwyn Poon and Zaizhuang Cheng in 2016, Spin was an electric scooter-sharing, bicycle-sharing, and bike-sharing company owned by Ford Motor Company. Skinny Labs Inc has announced that it plans to bring dock-less bicycle sharing to the US.

Spin raised $8,000,000 in Series B venture capital financing under Grishin Robotics in May. Later, Spin was launched in California as part of a nationwide rollout. Based in San Francisco, Spin was first launched as a dockless bike-sharing system controlled via an app.


Skip-to-Scooter Rental App

Launched by Boosted Boards Skip, Skip launched a dockless electric scooter startup. Skip is based in San Francisco and has raised over $6,000,000 with top strategies. Initialized Capital via Ronny Conway’s A Capital and Alexis Ohanian (Reddit founder) with SV Angel.
The company plans to start operations in Portland as part of a pilot program. This program aims to test how micro-transportation works in different cities. To find the nearest scooter, commuters must download the Skip app to their mobile and scan the QR code to unlock the Escooter. Advanced features allow users to book eScooters ahead of time.


Smart Electric Scooter Sharing – Wind Mobility


Eric Wang founded Barcelona in 2017 and Berlin-based micro-mobility company Wind Mobility in 2017. It is committed to providing last-mile safe, enjoyable, and convenient transportation. Wind Mobility is a top-ranked electric scooter company. It has raised approximately $22,000,000 in seed financing, putting it in direct competition with Bird and Lime. The company raised approximately $50 million in Series B funding. Existing investors supported the funding. Total funding reached $72M.


Scoot – Scooter rental


Scoot Networks, an American company offering public bike sharing and unique rental services, was founded in 2011 by Michael Keating. Scoot, based in San Francisco, California, offers electric vehicle rentals through an app. Scoot increased its fleet to 400 with the addition of GOVECS cargo scooters. In 2016, the company clocked over 1,000,000 miles.

The company announced plans to expand into cities other than San Francisco in 2017. The company opened 500 electric motorbikes in Barcelona and added bike-sharing services with 1,000 electric bikes. After serving thousands of riders and millions of riders, Bird acquired Scoot in 2019. Bird acquired the electric scooter company as a wholly-owned subsidiary.


Goats – Dockless E-scooter Service

The Goat provides electric scooter service in urban areas. It helps reduce parking problems and traffic and improves the quality of urban life. It is a great solution to modern transportation needs. The company is committed to making environmentally-friendly and effective changes.
After receiving permits from the transportation department, Goat launched its service recently in Austin. Goat believes that working with Austin’s city officials is important and has set up a bootstrap to launch an electric scooter service nationwide.


Bolt – Affordable and Fast Rides

Estonian firm Bolt provides vehicles for hire and car-sharing. They also offer food delivery. Tallinn is the headquarters of the company, which operates in over 300 cities in Europe, Western Asia, and Africa, as well as 45 other countries in Latin America and Europe.

In 2019, the company had 25,000,000 customers. This number grew to around 75 million customers worldwide. Nearly 1.5 million drivers also use the electric scooter ride-sharing platform for rides. Markus Villig founded the platform in 2013 with the vision of aggregating all Tallinn taxis and Riga taxis.


What is the cost and time required to create eScooter apps?

It is easy for riders to rent scooters from electric scooter rental companies to get to their destination. It is important to launch an online business if you want to compete with top e-scooter companies.

Are you curious about the cost of launching your online business with a feature-rich solution and how much it will cost? Many factors influence the cost of developing an electric scooter app.

  • Features integrated
  • Selection of a platform
  • Technology used;
  • UI/UX complexity.

Many other factors can impact development costs. For a quote on electric scooter ride-sharing apps development, get in touch with our sales team.


Ending Note:

In recent years, electric scooter ride-sharing has been in the limelight. People are more inclined to choose conventional scooters and bikes over electric ones. It is due to the many benefits electric scooters provide. You need to start an e-scooter-sharing company.

This micro-mobility is dependent on apps that allow riders to book escooter rides. It would be best if you considered mobile app development for escooter. You can achieve market success with a user-friendly and feature-rich application. Are you looking for advanced solutions for your business? White label fox is always available to assist you.

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