The Best Marketing Tricks To Carry Out On A White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

The Best Marketing Tricks To Carry Out On A White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

The crypto market in the world today is buzzing with new exchanges, innovative tokens and user-friendly products emerging constantly. Despite volatility in its price, it has capitalized on record trading volumes and high inflow of investments. Companies are gaining more interest to gain from the value of the digital asset. Friendly regulations by authorities will go a long way in encouraging more traction to the growing industry.

The key to long-term survival in the industry lies in smart marketing plans. It must promote the product’s features and build awareness of the brand.

Promotional strategies  to implement in the best white label cryptocurrency exchange for standing out unique in the industry

➡ Refer and Earn – Traders who are earning nominal returns can earn more income by referring other interested traders. This will develop a vibrant community of people interested in cryptocurrencies. At the same time, it will improve the daily volume of orders that take place on the platform.

➡ Tell a Friend –  This is one of the trusted methods to improve the trading situation. Existing customers can convince their friends to trade digital coins on the white label crypto exchange platform

➡ Affiliate Setup –  More traffic can be fetched to the website of the exchange by referrers. Commission can be provided to them by creating an Affiliate program.

➡ Invite a friend –  Current users can send an invitational link or code to their respective friends. They can be requested for registering themselves on the platform and buying or selling digital coins.

➡ Leaderboard –  An innovative competition can be created where existing users will be encouraged to compete with each other. This will boost engagement in the platform.

➡ Feature voting – Consult your customers from time to time regarding the features they want. Answer their choices publicly so that users get to know what is happening in the platform.

➡ Voting for Coin listing –  A facility must be provided to traders to vote for their favourite coins. This can enable exchanges to understand the preferences in a better way. Consequently, the most used coins can be placed at a prominent place on the exchange.

➡ Conducting a survey –  Regular feedback must be obtained through qualitative or quantitative data. Reports can be prepared and areas of improvement can be known. Changes can be made according to the trader’s wishes.

Best marketing strategies for white label crypto exchange platform

◙ Social media promotion –  A dedicated team must be formed for managing the social media accounts of the firm. Specific strategies should be drafted for each channel. Regular updates must be put on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to grab the interests of the audience. The number of interested users will increase with aggressive promotional activities.

◙ Cryptocurrency communities – Attention should be devoted towards targeting cryptocurrency discussion forums such as BitcoinTalk, and Reddit Bitcoin Culture. Specialized questions can be posed to members of the audience regarding benefits derived from products, and prospects of the company.

◙ Podcasts –  A discussion about your new coin offering and a special discount with regards to a token purchase can be circulated to the audience in the form of a podcast. It can be formatted through episodes released regularly. It should entertain the users as well as be informative.

◙ E-mail campaigns – Through opt-in, sign up strategies, e-mail is an effective mode of communication to get new clients. It is a type of direct marketing where promotional messages are sent regularly. The success of e-mail campaigns depends on the various factors such as quality of content, open rate, and frequency of communication. It can be sent to users who are highly interested in the platform.

◙ Linkedin groups – Professional customers can be tapped through Linkedin. By creating business pages, consumers can be attracted to the platform. The focus should be on continuity and conversion rates. More importance must be on telling the story of a brand through a message.

◙ Easy to use website – The website of the white label crypto exchange platform must contain all important information in form of real-time data on prices and markets, 24×7 technical support in multiple languages, quick processes for sign-in and sign-up. The focus must be on enhancing the overall user experience with exquisite design.

◙ Bug Bounty program –  A rewards program can be created for people who report bugs and vulnerabilities on the platform. It helps in finding out faults and improves the website’s performance.

◙ Affiliate marketing – An associate can be hired for sending traffic to the exchange. New users can be discovered by preparing contract forms.

◙ Public relations –  Negative reviews arising from customers must be handled carefully. The needs of the crypto community must be watched regularly. Confidence must be created for clients to solve their problems quickly.

◙ Paid ads – Apart from organic traffic which emerged naturally, more users can be tapped by promoting the exchange through paid advertisements that appear on specific landing pages in attractive places. Websites such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter offer such premium services.

All the above strategies can be implemented by a white label crypto exchange platform for attracting more users and strengthening its position in the competitive market.

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