Best Quality Window Packaging Boxes

Best Quality Window Packaging Boxes

Why there is a PVC window in a box? What is its need?

Poly Vinyl Chloride window boxes

The simple answer is for better user experience. PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride, this is the basic unit of the plastic and this is used in packaging industry as well. The main purpose of this window is to express the product inside in a beautiful organized manner. Moreover, some food items boxes are essentially requiring them, for mouthwatering or revealing the freshness of the gourmet product. Such PVC sheets are cut and individually displayed on each and every single carton. Usually this is glued and yielded through customization of window packaging boxes.

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Quality and Material guidelines for the window Boxes


First of all, the quality depends upon the plastic thin material sheet used as a window. There are different plastic materials being used for this purpose. Secondly, the color of the transparent sheet, transparent and colorful are also available in the market. Black color, brown color and red color sheets are demanded for the food items. At last but not the least, the size of the sheet also matters, in trendy packaging industry full PVC made cartons are also dominant now-a-days. In addition, one-sided, two-sided and three-sided holders are also found in the market.


Cardboard pvc window boxes


This is a smooth surface, thick and recyclable material. This material in addition to the several effects can be used for yielding the high-quality output cartons for the products. The Embossing effect in the formatting of the text on the box make it prominent. Moreover, the deposing effect and two looks of Matt and Glossy make them out of the box and appealing. Matt and glossy effects make the surface finer and by placing a window in them make them perfect and extra ordinary attractive.

Kraft PVC Window Boxes


Is a biodegradable and recyclable material sheet, which is usually produced in brown color. Moreover, most of the soap boxes contains a PVC window in them and these are made up of the Kraft material. So, the quality of such containers is widely up to the material used for the production. Furthermore, the Kraft is always the choice of the green lovers and Eco conscious people. By adding window in these cartons, the display of the retail products actually manipulates the buying decision of the customer.

Corrugated PVC Window Box


Is another material being used in production of the cartons, fortunately this material also supports a window. So, this king material is widely used for the transportation and become appealing on having a window on them.

Hence, the quality of any carton is totally depending upon the style, color and material is being use with. No doubt, such plastic sheets are used in combination of some paper or pulp made sheets. By adding the, extra effects the grace and presentation of the product could be enhanced. Different materials are being used for different purposes, for retail products the cardboard is the kind and for corrugation the mere purpose is transportation.

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