Best Restaurant Rewards Programs you can Learn from

Best Restaurant Rewards Programs you can Learn from

Food and Beverage (F&B) is the most prosperous industry in the world. Each year, thousands of restaurants open with the dream of being well-known for their meals and customer service. However, it’s an intense battle to get the attention of clients and many owners have decided to use restaurant rewards programs.

Taking advantage of loyalty programs to the F&B industry, restaurants are seeing major changes in customers’ behaviors. Usually, with every time they order something, both in the place or online, customers will receive a reward that can be used for the next time eating at the chain. This system helps restaurant owners to engage with more customers and make them come back for more.

The new strategy does not limit only to small stores, but also huge restaurant chains use these programs to attract customers. Below are some highlights examples of successful and popular restaurant rewards programs.


Starbucks is the most famous coffee chain worldwide right now. From America to Europe and Asia, Starbucks is the daily drink of millions of consumers. To make its customer service better, Starbucks has launched the Reward Stars program, which is estimated to have 11 million members.

For example in the US, you can earn 2 stars for each dollar you spend at Starbucks and these stars can be redeemed to more benefits like free drinks or earlier notifications.

Rewards Stars by Starbucks is one of the most effective points of the loyalty program at the moment. They have become a role model for other businesses, even outside the F&B industry. Points loyalty program is also the favorite method among retailers, and if you are a Magento-based website, let’s try out Reward Points Programfor surprising developments!

Starbucks Reward Point Program


McDonald’s is known as the most successful fast-food brand from America. As the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, McDonald’s is serving customers in more than 100 countries. To engage with clients and keep them eating at the chain, McDonald’s has developed a mobile app to follow the journey at the restaurant. It simplifies the buying process by supporting mobile orders and payment as well as keeping track of customer loyalty programs. McDonald’s gives a limited time deal for frequent visitors and sends coupons for those who haven’t been to the restaurant in a while.


Another famous fast-food chain, Subway, also deploys an effective restaurant rewards programs called My Way rewards. For every 200 tokens, you get a $2 reward to redeem in the next purchase. Also, Subway gives its regular customers special deals on holidays and birthday. There’re daily deals for bonus tokens or free meals to attract customers eating at Subway. It makes use of the mobile app by developing a digital wallet for easy payment.

Taco Bell

If you’re a fan of Mexican inspired food, you should visit Taco Bell! It’s a fast-food chain that serves tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. Taco Bell has 2 billion customers annually at 7000 locations worldwide. With the development of mCommerce, Taco Bell follows the trend of using mobile apps to deliver the best loyalty program for customers. Each time dining at Taco Bell, customers earn 1 Taco Point for every $1 spent, which can be transformed to other rewards and coupons later.

Olive Garden

Olive Garden Loyalty Program detail

Italian-American restaurant chain Olive Garden is a familiar choice for families all over the world for a cozy dinner out. Every time you eat at Olive Garden, you can earn points to redeem rewards at their select locations on the next visit. They have a clear and impressing points system to capture the attention of customers.

From all the above-mentioned examples, it’s obvious that restaurant rewards programs bring out the best performance of the brand. For restaurant owners, now is the time to make your vision of creating strong customer loyalty comes true!

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