Best Techniques to Make Your Home Theft Proof and Secured After Move
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Best Techniques to Make Your Home Theft Proof and Secured After Move

Best Techniques to Make Your Home Theft Proof and Secured After Move

Home is considered as the most secured place on the planet. With rapid rise in the number of crime rates, every home is not the safe place. With the number of crimes increasing day by day everywhere, every home is not that safer today. You must have got to know about the cases, where burglars have invaded the homes and took all the riches with them. Therefore, while relocating to the new home it is a serious concern for you to make your home protected and safe guarded properly. It would be better if you hire genuine moving company like Agarwal Packers and Movers for assistance related to moving and packing for your destination.

Ideal Techniques to Make Your House Theft-Proof

For helping you, we have already brought out together the list of essential techniques for safeguarding your new home. Following are the ideal techniques of securing your home:

Secure Your Doors and Entryways

The first and foremost you require after moving to the new house is to secure your doors properly check and inspect all the external doors so that all the frames of doors are quite strong and hinges are well-protected. If these doors have mail slot, then you are required to see if they are sturdy enough to prevent someone from getting inside.

Be it rented moving apartment or you have purchased, it is advised to immediately change the mail locks for the safety purposes.

Secure Your Windows

If the burglars are unable to enter through any of the doors, then their another target to enter the home is windowsMost of the time they are fragile which are not sufficient to prevent break in.

Here are a few of the best ways to secure the windows:

• Add window bars

• You should reinforce the eyeglasses using window security film

• install window or glass break sensors

• Opt out for windows

• Plan prickly bushes

• Use blinds and thick curtains to prevent unwanted eye from surveying it

Light Up Your Home

Light up your home to boost the beauty of interior of the homes but it would also help to secure your home. Since burglars do not attack the home, which is well lighted as they do not like to be in the spot light. Make sure there are enough lights all around to ensure safety and security of your home.

Secure Your Garage

Garage is slowly becoming the entry point for most of the burglars and even if they could not enter the home, you may have stored important things in it which might they take away. You should secure your garage doors with extra keys, and even better if you get a smart door installed at the main gate.

Home security system

Installation of the home security system would definitely assist you to save your home from the burglars’upto the certain extent. Be it an advanced security system or basic DIY home security system with specialized monitoring and home mechanization, opt whichever works for you and get it installed instantly according to your budget.

Always Make Your Wifi Network Password Protected

You might not be aware of the fact that your wifi network could be an invitation to the burglars’ b taking your financial and personal information. While in case of home automation, it could lead towards break-ins. If your wifi is connected with the smart gadgets or security systems, then they can also provide direct access to the burglars. Here are some ways to protect you:

• Always hide your home network

• Make use of Firewall security

• Protect your router with password

• Make your password strong and complex

• Make use of antimalware and anti-virus protection tool

• Install Security Cameras

Purge Hiding Places

Most of the times, our homes become the hiding spot for the criminals therefore eradicate such places from your home. Like trees and plants become the most common hiding place, you should trim time to time so that they do not become too large to be used as the hiding place. Eventually, it is good to choose smaller plants.

In fact, it is fine to go for the smaller plant. Suppose, if there are trees near to you windows, ensure that the branches do not touching the window because the burglars might use that for entering your space.

Get a Dog

This is not the direct way for the protection of your some but indirectly having a pet at home will help you a lot in keeping the criminal away. The dog sound by entering of unknown personalities will indirectly keep the thieves away from your home. Generally, it is believed that thief do not enter home having the dogs. Apart from this, dogs have the great perception to sense the trouble easily. So if they are barking, it is kind an alarm for your that something fishy or wrong act is going out.


Be it a single women or senior citizen, you are living your other family member, tightening the safety and security of your house is seriously essential. The burglars keep searching out innovative ways for attacking the homes. If they are evolving it, we should also upgrade home security system. By securing your homes in a proper manner, you could prevent burglary and theft in a precise manner.

Even if there is no security measure, which is unbreakable, we cannot afford to make the security of our home properly. By now, we have already discussed the ideal ways to secure your home, which you might like to ensure your home safety and security.

There are few more home security hacks, which people are opting nowadays, but we are discussing here some of the easiest and home security measures which would work for the most of us in protecting our homes. It is advised to get connected with Agarwal Packers for the relocation assistance at 9300300300. Feel free and safe share your home safeguarding tips and hacks by stating below.

Have a Happy and Safe living!

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