Best Van Shelving Ideas That Actually Work

Best Van Shelving Ideas That Actually Work

Are you a professional who has chosen vans to easily customize it to meet your needs, but are in short of the ideas to make it possible? We’re here to give you tricky Van shelving ideas that actually work. If you want your tools, equipment, and materials to be well organized inside your vehicle and prevent your work materials from moving and shifting while the vehicle is in motion, you should go for van shelving systems.

1. Create a false bed

Creating a false bed in your van provides you with a lot of flexible storage space for carrying large materials. Using the panels made of ply will ensure access at the rear and side doors. Installing the false floor bed in sections provide you with a number of removable panels for easy access to other tools. Adding plenty of support is necessary. It gives you better security than storing all this stuff up on the roof.

You can try the Bulkhead Storage system that will provide space for larger, longer items at down low and high up will provide space for smaller items.

2. Hanging is the key

The best trick to increase the storage of your van is hanging as much as possible. More and more space can be created by just hanging small items as they not only help to give a tidy look to your van but also give you their easy access. You can clad the window panes on your rear doors and use them to hang all your screwdrivers, saws, pliers, tapes, glues, etc. The more you hang, the fewer shelves you’ll need. A well-organized workstation can improve your efficiency as well as productivity.

3. Create a side door drawer under the false floor

Most people create rear door drawers that are usually longer, but this is not an effective option as you may lose access to your small tools in the unnecessary long drawer. It is highly recommended to create a side door drawer that will help you store your small tools efficiently and provide you with more accessibility options. Loose tools and equipment lead to risks and hazards. Storing each and everything properly and securely will improve your safety on the road as well as on the job.

4. Create a slide-out workbench

You must create a slide-out workbench to work outside your van as well. This workbench should have foldable legs to ease the in-out movement. Fitting a slide-out workbench at the rear of your van will allow you to increase your working space. You must make sure that the legs are adjustable.
This job can be easily done with a thick plywood sheet.

5. Create a false roof

Creating a false roof to store your heavy equipment is exactly the same way as the creation of a false floor (discussed in point 1). You can divide it up to get your space utilized. You can place the beams across the length to organize all your pipes, beams, tools, each having its own compartment. A downside of this point you must keep in mind is that gravity is working against you in this case.

6. Label all your drawers

Having plenty of drawers can be confusing to find the exact place of your equipment. So you must label all the drawers for screws, fittings, clips, washers, etc to keep your stuff well organized and easy to access.


Keeping your tools and parts organized by these great ideas of van shelving can save you time and money! The rest of the job is up to your imagination, and the tools and resources you need to carry.

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