How can a Company get IEC 61482 Certificate?

How can a Company get IEC 61482 Certificate?

What is the IEC 61482 certificate?

For the purposes of the repair of non-arc resistant control equipment or electric switchboards or when operating on high voltage equipment, workers are advised to wear arc-approved protective clothing if they are exposed to an electrical arc.

This standard is intended for the protection of the electric arc from thermal hazards. It is a protocol for protection against thermal hazards for workers working in an electric industry. The standard is applicable for work in areas where electric arcs are at risk. The capacity for arc energy is 240 kJ to 500 kJ or more when working directly with transformers, wires, electric boxes or domestic booths. The energy input is in some cases higher than class 1 or 2 in the arc-box test.

What is IEC 61482 1-1?

This approach is used in the United States. The ATPV or EBT50 value is calculated by this test method. The value of ATPV is the value (cal / cm2) which predicts that the second brush is being covered by 50%. The higher the benefit, the more protection, and better protection. In the United States, a minimum ATPV value of 8 is required for staff exposed to electric arc hazards. The mark indicates the ATPV.

In Europe IEC 61482 -1-2 the “box” test is used. A fabric sample is exposed to an electric arc created by the electric arc of a 4kA (Class 1) or 7kA (class 2). During and after the test the sample transmission of heat is measured. The sample transmits the amount of heat. The time required for starting the second-degree burns is then determined based on the resulting data and the STOLL curve. Testing “box” (the research form is contrasted with 50354) is in use in Europe IEC 61482 1-2. It is also evaluated after flame, forming of a cavity, melting, etc. Including fabric samples, a full jacket must be checked. The goal is not to evaluate the energy value, but instead to evaluate the jacket after electric arch exposure for defects in seams, attachments and all the other accessories. For welding model requirements, the requirements of this specification (EN ISO 11611) apply.

What is an open arc test of medium; IEC 61482?

Test Method 1: This test specifies the level of the arc of flame retardants (ATPV or EBT50, respectively). All ATPV and EBT are tested in the same open-arc test. The first result is the arc rating in cal / cm2 recorded. The material is first opened if the materials have a higher value of thermal insulation than the heat power of the arc. If not, before it opens, the content will be charred. The lowest is the one for labeling clothes. No one is better than the other. Essentially, EBT is stronger than insulated and ATP is less insulated than solid.

The EBT usually means that the wearer’s clothing is more comfortable and knitted, but not less secure. The safe clothes you wear should never be determined based on the ATPV or the EBT clothe ranking. These are known to be more collaborative partners. ATPV is a thermal energy incident for a substance which, because of the adequate thermal transfer, provides a probability of causes of a second degree in the Stoll Curve arc in cal / cm2. The interest, the better the defense.

Incident energy in a material that gives a chance of breaking open by 50 percent is the Break open energy threshold (EBT). The open break has an open surface of at least 1,6 cm2. The higher the value, the more protection.
It is possible to test both in ATPV and EBT on single or several material layers. By testing several layers, you get a higher value than when measuring the substance individually. This is due to the air trapped within fabric insulation and safety impact.

What are the design requirements of the IEC 61482 certificate?

To order not to be in direct communication with the wearer’s skin, all-metal components, such as buttons, zips etc., shall be covered on or within wearer’s garments in order that these components may not come into direct contact with the wearer’s skin. The wearer must not be burnt or melted, and the chance of burning should not increase with buttons, zips or other accessories. The clothing shall be open following an electric arch and the interior of the clothing must be completely intact without any melted or burned parts. On the top part of the body should be long sleeves. Long sleeves. Two-piece wear requires at least a 20 cm layer from the jacket to the pants throughout all working activities. Products of clothing shall consist of fire retardant products. The substance shall not shrink or ignite and shall not exceed 5%.

All the requirements should be met under the IEC 61482 certificate in order to obtain it.

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