Can Massage Business Still Be Relaxing During Covid?

Can Massage Business Still Be Relaxing During Covid?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our world is in the process of recovery. Certain businesses, like massage spas, have started to reopen to the public. But, for sure we have these questions in mind—is it safe? Can massages still be relaxing these days?

When we envision our massage trip, relaxation comes to our mind first. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, it can’t be helped but to feel a bit alarmed. As a result, the massage industry upgraded their safety measures under the new protocols, with health and safety as the top priority. Providing your clients a great experience (despite the pandemic), while making the most of physical therapy without compromising their safety.

Here are some ideal ways to ensure that a massage business can still be relaxing for people despite the coronavirus.

Reinforcing And Ensuring Safety

The presence and spread of COVID-19 has lifted the bar for cleanliness in the massage spa industry to a greater level. Certain changes must be done so that clients and staff can return feeling secure.

Furthermore, massage businesses should always prioritize not just the cleanliness, but also in creating a comfortable and safe environment for clients just like what RMT in Kitchener has been doing. So, the need for investing and repurposing massage clinics and spas is vital to fit the needs of clients in this new age of COVID-19.

Reduce Unnecessary Contact

While your services may demand people to be closer, minimizing risk for your employees and clients is attainable. How? Ditch the waiting room and carry out virtual check-in. You can also send forms and waivers to clients prior their arrival time. This way, they won’t be using a shared tablet or clipboard, so minimizing direct contact.

Massage Business

Inform your staff to use personal devices when handling retail and extra services to the ticket. Let your clients check out from any location, this allows them to skip the front desk and appreciate a contactless pay-up. Your employees can even clock in and out through their phones for convenience. With this, you are creating a safer and more relaxing experience at your massage business.

Online Retail It Is!

Online Retail It Is

If you’re selling massage products, ensure that your online store is open, especially this time of the pandemic. Considering that you got supplies, your clients will make the demand. After all, if they are used to your products (essential oils, massage chairs, or massage oils), they’ll definitely buy them for at-home supply when they can’t visit you personally.

In this time, internet marketing is highly efficient, since most people are online due to quarantine. Take advantage of it, you can even ask professional assistance from internet marketing companies in Los Angeles if you wish to leverage your brand online.

Simplify Your Operations

It’s important to streamline your entire operations to reduce contact. With the help of online booking, you’ll have time to clean and disinfect between appointments.
You can easily schedule client’s bookings in a zigzag manner. Think about what’s feasible for your business, and how you can provide clients a good experience.

Maintain Cleanliness

Maintain Cleanliness

You may probably clean your massage facility regularly, but consider what areas you’re missing to ensure your clients are relaxed and safe. Use autoclaves in sterilizing your tools, provide hand sanitizers and show transparency about your cleaning schedule through your social media platforms.

Make Use of Automation

Communication is important in every business setting. So, think about how you want your clients to get in touch with you easily. You may want to automate your content updates to your clients through email. You can also incorporate using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to allow clients to send a text to either reschedule or cancel an appointment. This helps eliminate unnecessary physical contact.

Keep in Touch!

Remember to stay connected with your clients. Keep sharing information on social media, create newsletters with resources and send them via email automation, and make use of video when offering 1:1 consultations or appointments. Give additional advice through online channels.

During this COVID-19 outbreak, it’s natural to worry about health and safety. However, as long as you take safety precautionary measures, then no need to be afraid.

For your clients to enjoy the massage experience to the fullest, they should be aware of the protocols and requests. This is one way to ensure you and your team’s safety, and at the same time, your customers’ comfort.

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