Cater to the Needs of People with an On-demand Plumber Service App

Cater to the Needs of People with an On-demand Plumber Service App

In this fast-moving world, people do not have time to wait for services. They need them instantly available at their fingertips. For this purpose, most businesses nowadays are going online. One of the significant advantages of going online is that you can reach out to a larger audience. With that being said, every household nowadays needs a faucet to be repaired or a damaged pipeline to be rectified. The idea of stepping out on the streets in search of plumbers is long gone, as it is difficult for people to search for these professionals. As a result, online platforms have come to the aid of people.

Smartphone applications have become a one-stop destination for people. People find instant affordable services through these on-demand apps. An Uber for plumbers app can let users access varied experts in plumbing and avail of their services in no time. Entrepreneurs can greatly capitalize on this growing market. This is because the market is fresh and does not involve much of a competition. In this blog, let’s discuss the features and benefits of developing an on-demand plumber service app

What is a business model that I can prefer for my app? 

  • A sole enterprise of the plumber: Let’s assume you are an established plumber in the town. Now, you need to take your business to the next level. This is where the on-demand platform sets in. You can create an app of your own. Customers who need to avail of your service can request through the app. You can either accept/reject requests based on your choice. This type of model is fruitful when you are popular enough in your locality. 
  • Providing multiple plumbers under one roof: This type of model is usually referred to as the ‘entrepreneur’ model. Let’s assume you are a business owner who intends to provide plumbing services to users. You gather plumbers across the town under a common platform. This way, users have access to multiple plumbers who they can select of their choice. This type of model is the most common and can be economical, too, when compared to the former. 

It falls on you to decide which category you fit in. Either way, by providing best-in-class services, you can boost your ROI substantially. 

What are the must-have features of the app? 

Now, there are certain features worth considering in your app. As a comprehensive app solution, your app development must include, 

  • User app
  • Plumber app
  • Admin panel

Let’s discuss the features of these apps individually,

Features of the user app: 

  • User registration: Users can use their social media handles to register in the app. This is usually a single step registration process.
  • Advanced filter options: Users can search for plumbers in the locality. They can filter out plumbers based on their price, ratings, etc. 
  • Real-time tracking: Upon booking, users can track the locations of their plumbers with this real-time tracking feature. This geo-tracking facility significantly adds to the popularity of these on-demand apps. 
  • Payment options: Users can pay for the plumbers’ service through different payment options, including credit, debit cards, digital wallets, etc. 
  • Ratings and reviews: Users can rate the service offered by the plumbers on a scale of 1-5. They can share their experience in the form of reviews too. 

Features of Plumber app: 

  • Availability toggle: Plumbers are visible to users only if they switch on this availability toggle. This lets plumbers to serve users during their free hours and provides flexibility in their schedule. 
  • Accept/Reject requests: Plumbers can accept or reject users’ requests based on their interests. This avoids delays in services if a plumber is already committed to another user. 
  • In-app chat/call facilities: For any specific queries or instructions, users and plumbers can communicate with one another by this in-app chat/call feature.
  • Push notifications: Plumbers needn’t access the app every time. They are notified of user requests in the form of push notifications. 

Features of admin panel: 

  • God’s eye view: Admins need to manage the entire app activities effectively. With this god’s eye view feature, admins get to know every activity sitting in a single place. 
  • Heat view in locations: Admins get to know the localities where services are in demand. They can reroute plumbers towards such areas and can impose surge pricing too. 
  • Set Plumber radius: Plumber radius is an imaginary boundary around which plumbers are visible to users. Admins can set plumber radius according to their choice. 

What are the benefits of developing the app? 

As an entrepreneur, you need to enjoy certain benefits by introducing your business online. They include, 

  • You have a competitive edge over your competitors by introducing your app online. Your app becomes easily accessible to users. 
  • Being a growing market, you can be the first of its kind of plumbers app. You can look innovative and engage more people towards the app. 
  • Your app dramatically reduces the time and energy of users. What else is needed for the app’s success? 
  • Moreover, with the app, you reach out to a wider audience, thereby taking your business forward. 

Summing up, 

People’s need for instant plumbers for their household can be satisfied with an on-demand plumbers app. You need to be very clear about the business model before venturing into app development. As features shape your app and attract users towards it, make sure you integrate best-in-class features. With so many lucrative benefits, your uber for plumbers app can establish a mark for itself in the market.

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