Cheapest Online Payment Gateway for Startup Business – PayKun

Cheapest Online Payment Gateway for Startup Business – PayKun

Startups witness ample amount of struggles and have to make various decisions to stay afloat initially and at the same time do each possible thing to flourish and become successful. With the emerging changes, they need to stay updated to stay strong in the competition and grow while others are doing the same. Change is inevitable and so is keeping up with it.

One of these decisions is finances and payments – the lifeblood of the business and responsible for the survival and growth of it. The way you manage everything related to the money in the business is vital, which includes the payments from the customers, how to collect, in what way, etc.

Importance of Online Payments: Online & Offline Business

With the digitalization, the businesses have the opportunity to reach out anywhere in the world and earn globally from any smallest corner of the Earth. Collecting online payments has made the world a global village and boundaryless. This is an opportunity as well as a necessity for the thriving business in modern times.

If one does not wish to extend internationally then too today’s modern customers demand to make the payments online. For example, you have an order of the home-made pickle locally from your neighbour. They come to collect it on the pre-decided date or you go to deliver the same, and they demand that they would like to pay using the UPI Payment option as they do not have enough cash. Likewise, another customer would ask for a wallet payment option.

The point is, in the over the internet sell, the online payment options are inevitable but even in the offline startup you must have all the ready online payment options for the reputation of the business and to satisfy the customers too.

Why a Payment Gateway?

Well, the digital revolution has resulted and given birth to many online payment options and today’s customers have enough knowledge about its benefits and technology. They are easy for them to use and preferred for making the payment over the cash.

Thus, it has become the need of time to present before them all the possible payment options so that you can make sure that they will pay and not go back without paying. Payment Gateway is one such option wherein in one checkout the customer will get all the payment methods by which they can make the payment and they have the option to choose.

Also, startup struggles in building a reputation because they are not famous yet. So a reputed payment gateway can help it in building their customer’s trust. One another among many other advantages of a payment gateway is a secured passage for making payments.

Select the Cheapest Payment Gateway

Why spend extra when you can get the best at the lowest price?

You need the multiple payment options with a secured and reputed payment gateway; of course with other flawless services. PayKun Payment Gateway has gained that position among the top payment gateways and the cheapest one too. It loves the startups and excited in its contribution to their growth.

It charges only a minimum Merchant Discount Rate of flat 1.75 %, among the lowest in the market. There is no setup fee, maintenance fee, integration charges or any kind of hidden charges.

The startup is already in a state where financial management is one of the challenges, with the requirement of the payment gateway compulsory, you also have the option that you spend in it in a cost-effective manner and making sure that you don’t have to pay much in the payment gateway fees.

Why PayKun is Good for your Startup?

It supports all types of business including a small startup, individuals (unregistered), freelancers, YouTubers, Bloggers, Offline Startups, etc. (along with the large businesses). The reason that is good can be explained well as below:

  • Cyber Security

This is one of the challenges that the startups face. The rate of cybercrimes has increased a lot with negatively genius hackers and fraudsters. Collecting payments online is quite a threat of theft. The data and funds are always in a vulnerable place especially the transactions are over the internet.

PayKun follows the highest level of the security standard which is necessary where the cardholder’s data is to be stored, processed and transmitted, which is PCI DSS compliance.

Apart from that the data transferred is all in an encrypted manner as they follow AES 256 Bit Encryption Standards. They have made the connection between the browser and the server secure with SSL Certification.

  • Reputation

It is among the Top Indian Payment Gateways and gaining more popularity so it would help to build you the customers. Its checkout will increase the customer’s confidence in completing the transaction and making the payment.

  • Merchant Dashboard

Online transactions would be a part of the financial management and the PayKun Merchant Dashboard makes this task efficient. Its shows analytics and graphical representation of the online transactions and the ratio analysis of the type of online payment method used.

Also, it includes other functions like refunds, settlements, customers, etc. The access to Test Mode as well as other required settings all at one place.

  • Website not Compulsory

Your startup Website and App can be integrated with the PayKun Checkout easily and smoothly. Its available ready plugins and SDKs make coding and technical knowledge requirements nil.
It supports all the major platforms.

In case, you have an offline business or business without an app or website then you can generate its payment links and master links from the Merchant Dashboard and send through any possible medium like Whatsapp, Messenger, Email, etc.

All in all, start collecting online payments with just a payment of a minimum service fee and grow your startup globally with PayKun.

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