How to check The efficiency of a used Lifting Equipment

How to check The efficiency of a used Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment is mainly used for carrying heavy loads on transportation vehicles such as ships or trucks. Lifting equipment is subjected to continuous loading and therefore it is possible that its part may wear down quickly and require maintenance at regular intervals. If the lifting equipment is not maintained then it may lead to unfortunate accidents, loss of property, complete system failure and even possibility of loss of lives.

Important things to consider before choosing lifting equipment

Buying a used lifting equipment is always a challenging decision since you need to understand how much efficient it will be in operating different tasks. Below are some of the checks for ensuring efficiency of lifting equipment and purchasing with good quality.

Check for SWL (Safe Load Value) during load testing

It is important to check the SWL value on the lifting equipment as it is an important factor in determining the efficiency of lifting equipment. The equipment is susceptible to break if it crosses the SWL limit during load testing. The load bearing capacity of the equipment must be checked and at the same time, any cracks or deformation must be checked to avoid material failure at any point.

Appropriate Certificates

Valid certificates must be checked so as to ensure that the lifting equipment is in the right condition for carrying a heavy load. A valid certificate check can help determine the right condition of the equipment.

Know the equipment

In order to determine the efficiency of lifting equipment, you must understand the equipment completely. It may include knowing how the switches and automation operate and is involved in lifting equipment. Along with this height and radius covered by swinging arm and boom should also be thoroughly studied before taking the final decision. It is important to determine the maximum amount of load equipment is allowed to carry. Ensure that all parts of equipment are at minimum marked level with periodic lubrication and running of moving parts. One needs to also check the wire of appliance in order to look for the defects, repair requirement, wire deformation, stranding, and corrosion etc.

Parameters to determine the efficiency of lifting equipment

Productivity and efficiency of any lifting equipment are determined by the tons of cargo it is able to process per unit time. Operational efficiency is considered to be the volume of work machine performs. It gets affected by a number of variable and fixed parameters.

  • Constant parameters are generally determined by the performance characteristics of lifting equipment load capacity, the speed of the user, hook height and ease of maintaining and installing the equipment.
  • Variable factors are not dependent on the design of equipment but it is mainly determined by the condition of equipment and drivers. The variable factors may also include the kind of cargo; design planning, type of work, road base, location of object area and type of cargo it handles.
  • Both constant and variable factors are crucial in determining the impact of operational performance of lifting equipment such as a crane. At the same time, the efficiency of lifting equipment is also calculated by its carrying capacity and time taken to perform a specific task.

    Thus in order to determine the efficiency of Used lifting equipment, one has to understand what parameters need to be checked. Since lifting equipment is subjected to the regular workload on regular basis one needs to check all required specifications mentioned above. If you are looking to buy used lifting equipment then you need estimate load of an object with visual check. You can also take reference from Access Equipment sales company to get the desired equipment at good quality, which are experts in the field and can provide best possible advice on the subject matter.

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