Check out 11 basic tips before buying a printer in 2021

Check out 11 basic tips before buying a printer in 2021

The print command is the same on all operating systems, but choosing which printer is best for your home or office involves many criteria. However, most of the logic depends on choosing the ideal Printer manufacturers for your office or physical establishments, such as banks, retail stores, service centers, etc. Today, we have gathered ELEVEN basic tips for you to make the best decision when buying a printer.

When is it recommended to buy a laser printer from printer manufacturers?

Laser printers are the most suitable for the corporate environment, as they provide a better cost-benefit in printing per page and support a high number of prints per minute. The latest models already come with Wi-Fi and work easily on a network. Color laser printers already have an important market share, previously dominated by monochrome. Inkjet printers are indicated for home use or offices that have a small volume of daily prints. You can spend less energy and materials by choosing a multifunctional printer.

I have a small office, which printer is best?

The most suitable is a multifunctional printer. In it, you will add three services: printing, scanner, and copier, which will save energy and space. You can set it up to print in black and white, saving the life of color cartridges.

Does a “generic” cartridge harm the printer?

Everyone points to the price of original ink cartridges as the great villain of printers. But that does not mean that the alternative cartridges, cheaper and with more ink, are the good guys. They do not harm the printer, but the yield is often much lower and the cost per page is very close to that obtained with the cartridge of the manufacturer.

Print speed: how does it work?

When you see the information that a printer does 36 PPM on black and 19 PPM on color, you know whether it will be fast or not. The fastest printers are those that use two cartridges at the same time, so they get good PPM rates.

What is a printer’s duty cycle?

It is vital information, which reveals the maximum supported volume of monthly impressions of the equipment. With this data you can measure whether the printer you want is large or small – the longer the cycle, the more impressions per day. A4 paper is accepted on all printers. If you want to use other formats and weights, check if the desired model supports it. Any non-compatible paper may damage the product.

What is the most suitable printer for printing photos?

Inkjet printers take advantage of this type of printing. Even on the cheapest models, it is possible to print photos with quality. For this combination to work it will also be necessary to take photos with high resolution, because a bad image on your computer screen will be of poor quality in printing. For the most demanding users, it is worth checking out the printers that allow you to preview the photos before printing and even make some basic adjustments.

How does connectivity work on printers?

Most printers come with a USB connection cable and there are models with built-in Wi-Fi. For those who like to photograph, apart from the traditional entries for CF, MS, SD, and XD cards, one more feature is Pict-Bridge. This port allows the printer to receive photos directly from a camera that also has this type of connection.

How do I know if the paper tray capacity will meet my needs?

It all depends on the daily volume and the type of printing you need. If you want to print envelopes or paper heavier than A4, the tray will be compromised. Therefore, it is always important to check the capacity of the printer’s trays, both the one that stores the paper before printing and the one that returns the printed file. Low capacity options need to be replenished more often.

Will I have problems installing drivers on Linux distributions?

The impossibility of installing the drivers of some models in Linux distributions has already given headaches to many people. Nowadays manufacturers are more connected to attend all Operating Systems. In order not to run the risk, when choosing the model that will meet your needs visit the website Linux and check the printer’s compatibility with Linux distributions, read the user’s comments and make your decision.

How to calculate the cost per page for each model?

To make this count, divide the price of the cartridge by the number of pages it offers. This calculation is very important, as you will also be aware of the cost of the cartridge of the chosen model and prepare the pocket for replacement.

Do you know Ink saver?

Before you buy your gadget, you can install a program called Ink saver on your machine. It reduces the consumption of inkjet printers, extending the use time of each cartridge, besides providing total control of how much ink is used by the printer.

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