How to Choose a Good Corporate Registry Service 

How to Choose a Good Corporate Registry Service 

Each company should get a company secretary within its first six months of becoming a corporation. A reliable secretary can ensure the success of your daily operations. With that in mind, it is advisable to hire a secretarial service that offers corporate registry services with special services that can provide for the needs of your company.

There are many services and offers to consider if you are going to choose a company secretary. Whether you are a startup or have been operating for quite a while now, below are some quick tips to help you decide how to choose the right corporate registry service for your company.

Know the Scope of the Role

From keeping the records to acting as a communication officer and executive assistant, the job of a secretary has three categories:

Advisory- a company secretary, works as an advisor to the directors, providing necessary practical advice. It includes providing updated information to each director about all the legal and compliance practices.

Administration- the company secretary should prepare the minutes of the company’s meetings, update the company registers, and file essential documents to relevant authorities.

Fiduciary– the company secretary continually communicates with the shareholders and protects their best interest. The secretary is responsible for distributing updated financial statements, allowing the shareholders to participate in their decision making at the company’s general meetings.

They Should Provide Administrative Support

Aside from filing necessary documents with registrars, the company secretary should also provide other admin support related to securities, security holdings, and officer registration.
This could offer you extra value as you don’t need to deal with other companies to do these tasks. So, choose a secretarial service that can provide for these needs.

They Should Have Experience in Working With Startups

If your company is a startup, make sure that you get a well-experienced secretary in handling different issues that new companies typically encounter. After all, they are the one that is responsible for working on all of the resulting documents.

Startup companies in Australia usually grow fast and go through multiple rounds of investments in their first few years. It means that the secretary may deal with several classes of shares and different investors.

They Should Have Special Training

You must consider hiring secretarial services whose employees have undergone specialized training. It is necessary, especially if your company is complying with strict regulatory requirements. This will make sure that the secretary can accomplish the tasks properly and on time.

Moreover, a secretary that has undergone specialized training can support your existing team. If your company needs to file some additional documents for new projects, corporate status changes, etc., your business may need specialized workers to accomplish all of these official filings.

Furthermore, choose a secretarial service that can offer tailored services that address your company’s specific needs.

The secretary’s task may look easy, but it would be impossible for you to do it if you are your company’s sole director. Even if your company has multiple directors, doing secretarial work by yourself can never be an easy role. This is especially true if you are not familiar with tons of non-regular secretarial tasks. This is why you must hire a secretarial service that offers corporate registry services.

By following these simple tips, you should hire a secretarial service that can ensure the success of your day-to-day business operation.

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