Civil and Structural Engineering Consultants in Gurgaon

Civil and Structural Engineering Consultants in Gurgaon

Worrying about water efficiency, give extra attention to Bricks & Water

Climate change is one of the biggest problems sto construction industry, it has been proved by many of the incidents in recent years. The 1.5 millions of new homes planned by 2022 need to be resilient to a changing climate to create a safe and sound society and to remain habitable for at least this century. This is a huge challenge to construction engineers and structural engineers, but every coin has two sides and that’s why there are some emerging benefits also. These effects and benefits are better understood by civil engineering consultants. Prajukti has best civil engineering consultants if you want to discuss your future projects and find the better solution, you are always welcome to visit the online portal and pre-engineered building by prajukti. Link is given below.

Well, climate change surely comes with the challenges but let’s look at the bright side and look upon the positive side. As a structural engineer, you tend to find the solution to every construction problem, so let’s look towards the climate emergency as an opportunity for planning reform. To overcome this problem, engineers and  civil engineering consultants should find sustainable and resilient home solutions to a changing climate. The government is always trying to bring some  strong solutions to this and its ambitious programme of housebuilding presents us with a one in million opportunity to incorporate water efficiency, carbon neutrality and flood resilience into the houses of the future. To bring this into reality will took lots of money now and this will be challenging. Incorporating the water efficient fixtures and fittings into our existing homes. This will be more effective if they are accompanied by consumer education.

One of the multiple benefits of water efficiency include emissions reduction also. Water efficiency for currently existing and new homes is crucial. Prajukti which is one of the best civil and structural engineering has done the analysis and conclusions said that, seeing onto the various regions, London receives less rain compared to Rome, Istanbul or Dallas. 

A combination of climate change and increased development in the region of the south east tend to result in water shortages. Analysis said that an estimated 4 billion litres of extra water would be required by 2050.  To save this, We need to drive down the consumption. It must be 100 litres per person per day, through a combination of behaviour change and technology solutions which thankfully already exist.  However, emissions reduction is the solution to have water efficiency.  Even though we heat 60% of the water which we use at our homes, consumers don’t understand the connection between usage and energy consumption. So water efficiency can be another effective tool to add to the UK’s emissions reduction activities.  

Prajukti is looking towards a better future for structural engineering and trying to find a better solution for many social problems. civil engineering consultants here, work together to make your place better and safer. 

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