Commercial Air Conditioners Services Tips

Commercial Air Conditioners Services Tips

Are you looking for the best servicing of your commercial AC in Delhi NCR? Do you want to see your commercial air conditioning units are working flawlessly? Then air conditioning system of your office needs the best servicing, thereby the whole system can run smoothly in the summer and any costly part or entire system failure can be avoided in the future. Following are some effective commercial air conditioner service tips that will not only ensure the efficiency of your commercial air conditioning system but also you don’t have to fear an unexpected breakdown. If we talk about the national capital New Delhi, then there are many service provider who offers the servicing of commercial AC in Delhi NCR.

AHU (Air Handling Unit) is the main part

Whenever you are hiring a professional service provider for your commercial AC in Delhi NCR, make sure to do servicing of air handling unit(AHU) of your AC. AHU of AC controls the temperature, humidity, air movement, and ensures the cleanliness of the air. Some of the most common problems with AHU are:

  • Clear clean pathway for good airflow
  • Blower motor failure
  • Regular filter maintenance

Following are the best maintenance practices to avoid these issues:

Duct and Grills Cleaning for Better Airflow| common AHU problem

Since AHU is the central unit that moves the air throughout the ductwork. So it is mandatory to ensure the proper air flow through the unit, and make sure that there is not any obstruction like a dirty or clogged air filter. Cleaning and replacing filters not only maintain good airflow through the duct system but also keep the AHU component free of debris and dust which also proves effective to avoid health and respiratory illness.

Blower Motor Failure | common AHU problem

Blower motor failure is another common problem in the AHU unit. This happens either due to power failure or something else that causes the motor to fail. Such an AHU problem needs the attention of a professional HVAC technician who identifies the problem quickly and fixes it efficiently. In the national capital, HVAC technicians are available, where a service provider offers the servicing of commercial AC in Delhi NCR.

Proper Filter Maintenance | Common AHU Problem

With proper filter maintenance, you can avoid most of the issue in the AHU.  Even blower motor failure happens, due to no regular filter maintenance. It reduces the efficiency of the motor that pulls more amperage which costs you more electricity.  So it is mandatory to keep a good clean filter in the system and you will reduce such problem.

Descaling the Coils for Better Conditioning

After the air handling unit, the second step is descaling the coil. The evaporator coil of the air conditioner collects dirt, which reduces airflow and insulates the coil, reduces the ability of the air conditioner to absorb heat. To avoid this problem make sure that you are checking the evaporator coil and cleaning of air conditioners coils.

Wrapping it up

When your air conditioner needs more than regular maintenance then it is advisable to hire a professional service technician. In a city like New Delhi, you will find professional service providers who offer the best services for commercial AC in Delhi NCR. A well-trained technician finds and fixes the problem of air conditioner efficiently.

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