What Are Some Common Grits of Sharpening Stones?

What Are Some Common Grits of Sharpening Stones?

Knife sharpening stone always helps you cutting, hunting or helps in your kitchen as well. Knife sharpening stone helps a knife user to make their knife sharp.

But most of the people do not know what some common grit of knife sharpening stones is and it’s use. Thus I decided to write some common grit feature in this post that will help you sharpen your knife easily and effectively.

What is Stone Grit

If you want to learn details about knife sharpening system, you must read this post carefully to increase your knowledge. I will list all common facts about sharpening grits.

Sharpening Stones are divided into some major category that starts from two-twenty grit and increases gradually. Eight thousand grit is considered as higher grit for sharpening a knife.

You must know the advantages and disadvantages of different types of grit and knife sharpening system that impact on this issue.

220 to 300 Grit Knife Sharpening System: This range of grit helps in reshaping your knife and sometimes repairing your chips.

You must be very careful to use 220 to 300 grit knife sharpening system because this level of grit is very abrasive and this is recommended for beginner level people who want to make their knife sharp.

1000 To 1200 Grit Knife Sharpening System: This range grit is perfect for sharpening Japanese knives and some other traditional knives as well. Any kind of western style knives is perfect to sharp with this range of grit. This range of grit is abrasive as well and produced using natural stone.

Thus this is more powerful and dependable in sharpening more efficiently. Professional cook or hunter can use this types of grit, but you may use more powerful grit to get your knife sharper.

However, you also recommended keeping this grit knife for support and few knives are only good with this type of grit. You can use this types of knife sharpening system anywhere, in your home or hotel.

2000 to 3000 Grit Stone: This types of stones are considered as medium level stone. But you can use this types of stone for heavy duty performance in your hotel or sharpen a heavy duty hunting knife as well.

Sharpening a knife with this types of stone helps to keep your knife strong and powerful in cutting and most of the time this increase the time of sharpness. This is perfect for honing steel and other types of steel as well.

5000 To 8000 Grit Knife Sharpening System: This types of stones are considered as heavy duty knife sharpening stones. Any kind of knife you can sharpen with this type of knife.

Though 5000 grit stone is considered as a medium level knife sharpener, you can use it for heavy duty performance. But six thousand to eight thousand grit stones you can use to sharp western knives like German knives as well.

This stones help in perfect sharpening and ensure the best finish after sharpening.

sharpening stone grit

You must know what stones manufacturer use in producing grit sharpening stones. There are two major types of stones that they use to preparing knife sharpening stones.

Most of the time they use natural stones, and sometimes they use diamond sharpening stones as well. You should know about these types of stones to pick best grit system From Here.

Final Words: Understanding the grit system is important to pick best knife sharpening grit system. In this post, I listed some major types of grit that people use to make their knife sharp.

You must consider the best type of knife sharpening grit system that will fulfill your requirement and helps in sharpening your knife properly.

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