Common Misconceptions About Outsource Tech Support

Common Misconceptions About Outsource Tech Support

Outsource Tech Support

If you look up the word misconception in an Oxford dictionary, it will come as “a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding”. So, if you have spent more than few minutes thinking about outsourcing technical support then you have probably faced some misconceptions and myths regarding the same.

If you are thinking about opting for an outsourced tech-support, it’s because your business demands an enhanced and cost-effective system for handling the challenges than the in-house support team.

Before you get excited about it, let us take a look at some of the common misconceptions floating around and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Hire the cheapest vendor

Going for the lowest cost provider makes sense when you are purchasing a commodity and everybody’s product is exactly same. Even then, you may be compromising with the delivery time, flexibility and customer service.

Buying a service like tech-support may present you with some questions such as:

  • Do all providers hire the same kind of workforce?
  • Does provider understand your market and customer?
  • Is customization possible with this vendor for record keeping and data exchange purpose?
  • Is it offering the best quality when it comes to channels, communications and cost?

Each provider may be claiming that they are offering tech-support outsourcing, but in reality, they are defining the service in quite a separate manner. Choose wisely.

Myth #2: Say bye to control

Having an expert managing a specific work for your business may be unsettling. Outsourcing company might have procedures and standards that differ from yours. However, you should have a clarity that you are the client and the total control is ultimately in your hands. Clear discussion with the vendor about your requirements and the parties’ scope of responsibilities before the initiation of a project may ease your fear about this.

Myth #3: Only big companies can afford to outsource

It is absolutely blundered. Call centers provide solutions in accordance with your business size and affordability. This is the reason that call centers work with the whole plethora of companies, from the startups to large MNCs. Inbound customer service is imperatively not limited to a specific size of business.

Myth#4: Compromised work quality

Quality is no doubt the most critical aspect of offering technical service as it ensures customer satisfaction and enhances client relations. Many companies are scared that the expected quality level will not be matched if they reliable outsource tech support to other firms.

The quality offered can be subjective, agreed. But, considering the fact that a good number of companies choose to outsource their work because they accomplish superior results compared to the in-house team presents a totally different picture. In fact, outsourcing offers multiple opportunities for improvement, which in turn raises the level of quality your business can deliver to customers.

Myth#5: Too much time on training

For an outsourcing vendor to offer the desired level of customer service, it is required that your company offer training for the outsourcers’ personnel. This makes the executives think that if they enter an outsourced process they will spend a large amount of time doing training which equals to the higher cost to the company.

This is not true. You only require to train the first and second batch of agents and succeeding round of training will be rendered by trainers and managers. To avoid training fade, your company should still provide training for in-house professionals, who would take the responsibility of offering in-depth education to the outsourcers’ agents.

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