Tips on How to Avoid Common Packing Mistakes While Moving

Tips on How to Avoid Common Packing Mistakes While Moving

Moving a house with utmost safety without damaging even a single item requires a lot of planning and energy. At times handling the whole process of movement becomes extremely stressful, even when you hire Agarwal Packers as your moving partners. On top of it, you need to take care of so many things at the same time. This management ultimately leads to the development of huge packing and moving mistakes.

You may have read several articles where you have learned the common mistakes that one should avoid while moving but no one tells the exact solutions that you should undertake while moving. Today in this article, I am going to share the common mistakes that are often occurred along with the remedies that you must undergo.

Mistake no. 1- Executing relocation without a plan

The essential thing for a successful move is planning; however, many people forget to frame a plan before moving to some other place. Non-preparation makes the whole process a complete waste of time, effort, and of course money.

Solution: Make a smart plan by mentioning the important steps indulged in a move along with their respective deadlines. Do not compromise over a plan especially when you are moving to a longer distance.

Mistake no. 2- Not searching for moving companies

Many people avoid utilizing their time and efforts in searching for a moving company and they randomly choose the very first option that they go through on the internet. This is what may result in a bad hire and that can be even pathetic for the overall moving procedure.

Solution: Packers and movers services are high in demand as they make the process extremely easier. Thus you should start searching for the moving companies online, consider at least 3 best ones located near you. And start examining them in detail by collecting every relevant information about each of them. And for this, you must go through the reviews, compare rates, and then decide which one to hire. Take estimates from all the companies so that you can get options to bargain the rates provided by them.

Mistake no. 3- Not insuring your relocation

Home relocation can be very expensive if any of your goods get damaged during the journey. And thus, it is always suggested that you get them covered against the damages that occur in the middle of the way. There have been many such cases where the customer goods get broken due to some unforeseen conditions like accidents, earthquakes, natural calamity, etc.

Solution: Always opt for a company offering moving services along with insurance coverage to protect the goods till they have reached the destination location. Also, make sure while opting for a company, you get the appropriate documents that prove that you have taken move insurance for real.

Mistake no. 4- Not making the article list

Packing is one of the most complex tasks of all the time and taking it lightly increases the chances of getting a few stuff left behind. Many of us often pack the goods without making a proper list which further generates issues especially when the movers and packers arrive at your home with limited packing material.

Solution: Make a list of the articles to room wise. This way you will get all the stuff properly counted according to each room they are present in. And later during unpacking, you can easily arrange the goods based on that list into the respective rooms. Also, it will help you to keep a count on the number of items that you wish to relocate.

Mistake no. 5- Not packing essential stuff personally

Well, there are some articles especially the precious ones like ornaments and documents that a moving company never shifts. These are the articles that are needed to be carried with a person solely.

Solution: Pack a separate bag by adding the expensive stuff like jewelry and important documents that you can easily keep and carry along with you during the whole journey.

Mistake no. 6- Not labeling the boxes correctly

Though movers pack the boxes and label them in the end there are certain things that are meant to be packed by a person personally. And for that many of us forget to label those boxes which create problems later especially when you execute the unpacking tasks.

Solution: Pack the screws, nuts, bolts, and other stuff that you will be carrying personally. And label them with the correct initials that will further make the unpacking and rearranging tasks easy.

Mistake no. 7- Choosing an incorrect moving date

You all must be aware of the fact that the moving date plays a very essential role when moving. It is decided by considering several aspects and tasks that a person goes through while relocating to some other place. This poor decision-making makes the process more difficult to handle thus, leading to some more relocation issues and uncertainties.

Solution: You must opt for a date that suits you in all the ways i.e. suitable for your family, kids, and work. The moving date should match their schedules too otherwise the whole process will go reverse and you may end up making a wrong move. Also, consider the climatic changes, public holidays, and other circumstances while choosing the date of your move.

Mistake no. 8- Not checking arrangements at your new home

Pre-planning of your move does not only limit you to the packing and moving tasks but also towards the post-move arrangements that should be examined and made at your new home. People delay these arrangements and wait for reaching the destination and later precede further with the post-move activities. This makes the process more difficult and time taking.

Solution: Make sure and check the arrangements of the internet, electricity, and other utility services to avoid any delay or issue later on. This will help you to properly unpack and rearrange the stuff once you reach your new home.

Read the above-mentioned mistakes properly and avoid committing them in your upcoming move. Rest the Agarwal packers and movers are there to help you out with all the packing and moving affairs.

Happy Moving!

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