Comparing Asphalt Plant Prices Online in BD
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Comparing Asphalt Plant Prices Online in BD

Comparing Asphalt Plant Prices Online in BD

An asphalt mixing plant is composed of some equipment needed for the mass manufacturing of asphalt. This kind of plant can produce colored asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, and conventional asphalt mixture. It is among the most generally used pieces of road construction machinery. In the end, it may make the materials needed to build highways, airport runways, municipal roads, plus much more. Most building and construction projects require asphalt concrete for completion. Keep in mind that asphalt plant price can differ greatly based on the specifications of the plant.

Attributes Of Mobile Double Drum Asphalt Plants

Some of the key options that come with mobile double drum mixing plants are:

1. Reduced investment costs because of unique intermittent drying and mixing drum design.

2. Simple structure, making them simple to operate. The drum simply rotates forwards for drying and backways for discharging.

3. Built with a PLC fully-programmable centralized control unit with touch-screen operation. It is possible to switch between manual and automatic control.

4. Convenient to transport and set up because of mobile chassis structure.

5. Duel fuel support. Operators can power the burner with oil or coal based on whatever they have available at the development site.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Parts Of Mobile Asphalt Batching Plants

One of the more popular designs of mobile asphalt mixing plants utilize batch heating systems and also a five trailer setup. The 1st trailer provides the cold aggregate supply. Another trailer includes the drying drum and core combustion system. Your third trailer is basically the mixing floor with vibrating screen, weighing system, mixer, hot mixture storage silo, etc. The fourth trailer houses the dust removal system and dependant upon the model, a water dust removal component. The fifth trailer has the mineral powder system. Besides the five trailers, a mobile asphalt batch plant even offers a heat transfer oil or coal home heating system, asphalt storage tanks, plus an advanced control system. Be aware that while each of the components can function independently, they are typically established to operate in synergy to preserve a competent asphalt production rate on site.

Asphalt Plant Specifications

A few of the specifications you need to seek out comparing different Asphalt plants on the market include capacity, cold aggregate bin size, aggregate batch size, total power, fuel consumption, asphalt temperature, control system type, finished product storage bin size, add-on components and a lot more. Several of the biggest plants can produce over 80 tons of asphalt every hour. Control systems may be manual, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, or a blend of all 3. Most plants come with an adjustable asphalt temperature.

Comparing Asphalt Plant Prices Online

When searching the internet for good deals on road construction machinery, don’t forget to look at used asphalt mixing plant price. It is possible to get a really good deal on used equipment from top manufacturers like AIMIX, VINAYAK, AMMANN, SIM, ERMONT, WIBAU, DEMAG, PARKER, TELTOMAT, MARINI, and TICEL. Unfortunately, many suppliers simply have prices seen on request. However, it is rather easy to request a free of charge quote from your supplier provided that you can provide some brief information about your business’s requirements.

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