Comprehensive Guide Towards The Field Of Instagram Influencer Marketing Or Social Media

Comprehensive Guide Towards The Field Of Instagram Influencer Marketing Or Social Media

If you are using Instagram, you might have probably seen the influential users trying to promote their products and brands. Now, you might be wondering how the business or brand can work with the influencers on IG too. This guide is here to offer you with in-depth look of what you are about to work on in terms of the successful Instagram based influencer marketing campaign.

The reasons to use IG for the Influencer marketing

Primarily, you might want to ensure that this form of campaign will yield the desirable results you have been eyeing for. You might know that influencer marketing is rather effective in nature. Now, you can always determine if proficient execution of the campaign on IG is really the best option to consider right now. You can always take a quick look at some of reasons on why you might be using IG for the influencer marketing.

It can work out for the massive reach

IG is always the most popular form of social media platforms in this current world. As per the Pew Research Center, it is stated to be the second most promising social media platform right after FB. The report has found out that around 32% of the internet users in the USA are now on Instagram.

Higher form of engagement rate

Instagram is always the most engaging form of social media platform. As per the study made by TrackMaven, IG can always see the most average form of interactions per post as per 1000 followers. The average form of engagement ratio is likely to be 29.67% on the said platform. This is mainly because of the growing effect associated with Instagram followers and their craze. On the other hand, you have Facebook, which will sees around 16.54 average interactions on per post per 1000 followers.


Working on the Influencers’ choice

Instagram is a proper platform for executing influencer based marketing campaign as influencers prefer to work it that way. Recently, Bloglovin interacted with 2500 micro-influencers and found that IG is most preferred platform among the available lot. Around 59% of them will actually say that it is the effective form of platform for engaging target audience. Even if you ask influencers, they testify that IG is the effective platform, designed for engaging audiences.

Have to understand the cost

Even before you start with the planning of your campaign, you might have to consider budget and make the plans accordingly. While the influencer marketing is not always expensive, budgeting and proper planning can easily work out in avoiding unnecessary costs.

  • It is vital to understand that the present cost of working with the influencers is said to vary as per the influencer’s following size and the industry you are associated with. As per the, influencers can always charge more as the audience size starts to increase.
  • Those people with fewer than around 2000 followers might charge you somewhat around $124 on every IG post. The price can easily increase to $258 with per IG post for the influencers with around 75K to 100K followers. In case, the influencer is known to have over a million followers, they can further charge around $1400 or even more for single IG post.
  • The current cost of working with influencers on IG might also vary as per the sector in which the influencer specializes in. The report from recently found out that travel influencers can charge highest with taking an advantage of average $220 for each one of the sponsored post. For the next, you have entertainment influencers, followed by lifestyle and home influencers, who will be charging $204 and $209 respectively for each one of the post.

Once you are sure of all the costs, you will have better idea on how you might need to spend more on the campaign. Depending on the said budget, you have to decide on how many influencers get to work with you and how much you can actually afford to spend on each one of the following.

Finding your right influencers

Now is the procedure of finding some of the right influencers. It is easy and stated as one of the most challenging steps in this field of influencer marketing. Not just on IG but on other social media platforms too. Moreover, a study from Econsultancy found this to be quite a big challenge of working with the influencers.

In case you are planning to work hard in overcoming this issue, you have to be clear about what to look for in influencer. You have to check out the characteristic to define ideal influencer. Primarily, they need to be relevant to brand and campaign. They also have to be engaging and creative. Depending on campaign goals should have them work on the significant each.

Always head for the branded hash tags

Always look for the influencers who already have fans of brands and create content about it. You can try conducting search using branded hash tags so that you can always find relevant content created about the items. After that, you can work out on the users, who might have created these posts to look for some of the potential influencers once.

Have to search for the relevant hash tags

In case, you are not an established brand, or if you are unsatisfied with results from previous tactic, you can conduct search of the relevant hash tags on your own. Just like with any of the first tactic, you have to examine results and user’s account for creating that content appealing to the prospective clients.

Have to use right tools

You can often take help of influencer marketing tools for simplifying the search even more. Through these tools you can get a list of potential influencers, completely based on relevancy of category or keyword.

Once you have taken help of promising Influencer marketer, working on the next Instagram steps won’t be that difficult of a deal. If you want, you can even work with an influencer marketing agency too.

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