Why Should You Consider Buying George Hoover Range of Vacuum Cleaners

Why Should You Consider Buying George Hoover Range of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way from the days of being mere machines that suck dust and small debris. They have extended their functions to steaming and wet-cleaning as well, and plenty more. They are now multi-purpose cleaning tools that are ready for any action their owners might demand of them.

The market is flooded with options from various brands, with varying options and features. One of those is Numatic, and its line of Hoover vacuum cleaners. The George Hoover is the latest addition to that lineup, and it comes with a slew of features that make it a great modern-day vacuum cleaner buy.

If you’re getting a new vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to consider many factors before going for one. Here are some of the reasons George Hoover will check all of the boxes in your checklist for a vacuum cleaner:

Trusted By Professionals

Some vacuum cleaners can’t keep up with the demands of regular household cleaning needs. But that’s not the case with the Hoover lineup. 

The Henry Hoover range of vacuum cleaners by Numatic has been the workhorse for decades in homes and commercial and industrial situations. They have become the trusted tools of professionals in the cleaning business over that time.

The George GVE370 is from that same family of vacuums. It’s been designed and built to last long while performing all the heavy-duty tasks that might be demanded of it, be it in the office or at home.

Multi-function Capabilities

The Hoover is ready for any task at hand or one that’s hard to reach by hand. There is the standard dry-cleaning function, but with a HEPA dust bag and a fabric filter for an allergy-free experience. 

It has the wet function that extracts water mixed with a cleaning agent. There are separate switches for ejecting the cleaning liquid and sucking it up later. 

This is very useful to have in carpeted areas, as it gives the complete cleanup of both dry and wet types. 

Chock Full Of Accessories

Every task needs the right tool to get it done well. And for a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, that means a cupboard full of them. 

Hoover gives just that. The list starts with the built-in 9m power chord. Then there are the separate dry and wet hoses, which, when combined with the chord, give the vacuum cleaner a reach of 11m and 12m, respectively. There’s the separate one for throwing out the cleaning liquid too.

There are separate hard floor and carpet cleaning attachments, both for wet and dry. For dry cleaning, there’s also the filter and dust bag with HEPA standards. A myriad of attachments accompanies them to clear dust in every possible corner and edge. The total capacity is 15 L.

Those can be swapped for wet use with a float valve and appropriate hose and floor head. All of these empower the user to tackle any stain and dirt.

Quality and Value

Every piece of plastic is very well built to handle every rough-and-tumble that it might encounter during use. 

Though on the pricier end, its capabilities and accessory list make it a real value for money proposition.

The Henry Hoover family of vacuum cleaners has stood apart on account of many impressive abilities. George Hoover has what it takes to carry forward that reputation.

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