Cost of living in Atlanta vs New York – Comparison

Cost of living in Atlanta vs New York – Comparison

Atlanta and New York are drastically different when it comes to living expenses. If you are considering moving into either of these two, you will want to look into it. Affordability is a major factor in whether or not you can move into a new city or not. The cost of living in these two cities can be dissected into the following aspects.


Now it’s no surprise which one of these cities is more affordable. The cost of living in Atlanta is not nearly as high as the housing prices here in New York. The rent and median homes cost almost twice as much in NY compared to Atlanta, if not more. 

New York is almost notorious for its high housing expenses. You need to earn about $80,000 a year to afford a median home in New York. On the other hand, Atlanta offers a lot more spacious apartments for rent in colma.  The homes here in Atlanta are also more affordable and convenient. Even more so if you look into Midtown Atlanta.


New York is a step ahead of Atlanta when it comes to public transit. You can easily travel throughout the city of New York through the subways and metro rails. Though traffic can be quite cumbersome in New York, the same goes for Atlanta. Public transit isn’t as convenient as the ones in New York. That being said, the costs are considerably higher in New York. The monthly pass is expensive here.  


You will easily find food items of different varieties in New York, which is something you wouldn’t find in Atlanta. Atlanta has been very static when we talk about traditional food. New York is a world-class city and offers its residents all sorts of foods. But we are here to talk about the costs here. The amount of money you have to spend on a single meal in New York can get through the whole day in Atlanta. The grocery items are also higher in New York.


Entertainment expenses often get shoved under the rug. Outdoor activities like tennis, gyms, cinemas, etc. can add up to be a considerable amount at the end of the month. It will be hard for you to even conjure up enough money to go to the cinemas if you live in New York. Overall these things cost higher in New York than in Atlanta.  


The absolute basic needs like electricity, water, air conditioning, garbage disposal, etc. can overall cost $40 more per month in New York. Internet expenses are almost the same in both cities for the same broadband speed.


New York and Atlanta are two very different cities. Both of them offer their inhabitants comfort and opportunities. After all a world-class city, New York is people from different ethnic, cultural, and financial reside here. Atlanta also has a diverse population but not as diverse and densely inhabited as New York. All these little factors add up to why the living cost vary so drastically between these two cities.

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