Courier Aggregator For Individuals Who are Starting an eCommerce Business

Courier Aggregator For Individuals Who are Starting an eCommerce Business

It is not easy to run an e-commerce business. It requires strategy, time, and dedication to get it started and move forward. When one product is ready for shipping, the team must ensure that the delivery arrives at clients safely and on time. 

The logistics of fulfilling deliveries, especially as volumes expand, may be beyond a company’s capabilities, and there is an urgent need for courier aggregator e-commerce

Few organizations, such as Amazon and Flipkart, can manage the delivery procedure internally. Yet, for most e-commerce businesses, a third-party logistics partner is the ideal solution.

What exactly are third-party logistics Shipping Partners?

Third-party logistics partners are organizations that manage end-to-end logistics for other e-commerce companies.

What exactly are Logistics Aggregators?

Through pre-existing contracts, an aggregator enables a simple and quick connection with certain courier partners. When that same volume exceeds 2000, the aggregator, while still useful, may not be the best partner for future expansions. 

Growth necessitates focused strikes on particular problems, which necessitates an individually formed relationship with couriers, which dealing with an aggregator cannot provide.

Aggregators are organizations that are linked with several carrier agents with whom an e-commerce company can partner. The best courier aggregator in India offers a standardized and streamlined platform for tracking shipping orders and communicating with multiple delivery partners. 

The main challenges that e-commerce companies confront, particularly during periods of rapid or abrupt expansion, are managing increasing amounts of orders and fast integrating with different courier partners. 

Courier aggregator e-commerce assists e-commerce firms when their order volume suddenly increases, often between 1000 and 2000 orders per month.

What is the importance of logistic aggregators?

  • Customer Experience: 

They simply create another layer of contact between the business and its customers by acting as a middleman. When a transaction is postponed, the e-commerce platform becomes completely reliant on the aggregators for updates on the problems. Customers who are coping with delayed deliveries become impatient and frustrated as a result.

  • Implementation Time: 

Because logistics integrators already have contacts with many courier partners, connecting with multiple transport associates is simple. The e-commerce company only needs to identify those courier partners that are serviceable (in terms of order volume and pin code range), and the aggregators will manage the integration procedure.

  • Value-Added Services: 

3PL partners work with various courier service companies and give a variety of payment, price, and service choices. 

While aggregators work with major and well-known courier firms, it is possible that smaller shipping partners will provide the value-added solutions you require, such as same-day delivery, location-based delivery, or specific instructions for processing orders.

NDR management returns management and COD coverage are frequently viewed as optional services that may incur additional expenditures. While some aggregators can handle these primary services, few can also provide temperature control, specialist handling, safety, and protection.

Implementation Ease: Several logistics aggregators have fully-functional NDR management solutions in place. These aid in dealing with delivery problems and ensuring that return processes go smoothly.

When the volume is low, shipping aggregators are an excellent choice as they provide immediate access to many shipping partners and allow you to ramp up without too many headaches. 

However, as your monthly volume exceeds 3000 orders, you must begin working directly with courier partners to optimize the shipment experience for your clients while also providing you with total transparency of courier partner efficiency.

As a result, many e-commerce enterprises begin with courier aggregator e-commerce and subsequently transition to direct couriers as their volumes grow.

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