Credit Card Payment Processing for Video Games

Credit Card Payment Processing for Video Games

Credit cards as easy methods of payments have been successfully integrated into a vast array of industries. Its benefits have been successfully utilized in the payment for video and online games, online gambling and betting sites to mention a few. Although it is still struggling with security issues, credit card processing seems to be the best move for all online businesses and online merchant account holders.

Processing your credit card for video games can be very hectic most especially when you lack the basic knowledge of how to do it. To effectively process this, you will need the services of a good online gaming merchant account services. These service providers should make available the right technology and state of the art equipment to make gaming payment solutions worthwhile and more flexible processing solutions for your online video games.

In our previous article, we discussed how to hit the jackpot with “online gaming and casino merchant accounts,” their benefits and the types of documents required for an online gaming merchant account instant approval. We shall, however, channel the better part of this article into determining the qualifications of a good credit card processing merchant for video games with a major emphasis on their characteristics and factors to consider before choosing them. Please note; these factors were carefully selected based on market experience and level of customer response received.

Credit Card Processing For Video Games


With the recent increase in the different types of game available on mobile and other handheld devices, online gaming platforms have become more and more important in the provision of top-rated services, and state-of-the-art payment gateways. These benefits to merchant account holders include but are not limited to the following;

Provision of a leading platform and tokenization technology:

Online gambling and gaming are completely useless if you can’t cash out your earnings. The use of tokenization technology ultimately allows players to have a simple but secure means of purchase (or payment) for all games with little or no disruption of their gaming experience. They make the payment procedures very easy and are responsible for online gaming merchant account setup.

Payment processing gateways:

Most online gaming merchants provide customers with online gaming merchant account requirements to serve as a guide in setting up their payment processing gateways and payment solutions. This information always comes in handy to keep the users abreast of the latest developments and how to go about it.

Provision of a comprehensive solution for all video game businesses

Online video game merchant accounts provide customers with the needed solutions to all their online business game challenges. These challenges include but are not limited to the creation of approved gaming merchant account, payment gateways, and credit card services.


The best credit card processing merchant for video games should possess the following characteristics;

A good customer support system

The customer care services offered by your online gaming merchant, account service provider, should determine how you relate with them. This service comes in handy by providing you with the necessary assistance when the need arises. Ideally, a good online video merchant account service provider should be easy to access and available to answer your queries with little or no stress.

An established global banking relationship for processing payments

The ideal credit card processing firm for online videos should accept a wide range of currencies for easy transaction across the globe. It should give you a chance to settle your profits directly into your bank account and must comply with the required rules and regulations guiding its existence in a country or region. It should have a good rapport with banks around the world to make sure clients have multiple options for payment processing. This should be carried out regardless of the company’s location.

Industry-leading security

Security is one of the major challenges of online gaming platforms; hence it should not be taken likely. When searching for the best online credit card provider for online gaming platforms take into cognizance their reliability and security options. They should have a complex filtering system which detects fraud and also screen suspicious transactions thus reducing the number of declined transactions while lowering the risks involved and the chances of your merchant account being terminated. The company should at least be PCI Level 1 Complaint Company which ensures all credit card information is transferred securely over the web.

online gaming merchant account fees charged

Since you will be paying for the services, it is advisable that you take note of the total amount to be charged as merchant fees. This is usually deducted in percentages and differs from one service provider to the other. The rates typically start at 1% and are dependent on the service provider.

Services provided

Don’t just settle for any online merchant account service provider for gaming, make sure they meet the basic requirement of offering the services you are interested in. Ask questions about their levels of services and conduct market-oriented research on how what they have to offer.


Choosing the right credit card processor for your online video games gives you ease, speed and a high level of security. Don’t forget to ask friends and family members to recommend the services of a top-rated online gaming merchant account provider in your region. Kindly contact our team of experts if you have questions or need some form of guidance in identifying and choosing the best online gaming solutions provider. We will love to hear from you.

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