Custom Made Camp Knives Will Give You More Versatility

Custom Made Camp Knives Will Give You More Versatility

Think about the number of times you turn to the tool on your belt to tackle a camp craft or a bushcraft challenge. Oftentimes the action is subconscious, but when you pause to reflect on the importance of your everyday carry or your camp knife, it really throws its importance as a critical tool into relief. A camp knife has to be fine enough and offer you the dexterity to prepare food, whittle wood tools and stakes, and carve fuzzsticks. It also has to be robust enough to create shelters and build tools you will use to create furniture and make friction fires.

As a result of the wide range of tasks you use your knife to tackle and the demands associated with each of those tasks, it’s basically impossible to define the perfect knife. The idea of perfection really rests in the mind of the person holding the knife, and as they say, the best knife for a job is the one in your hand. Therefore, it’s a common practice to make exceptions for less than perfect traits in our knives and other tools.

Even so, what if there were a way to customize every component of your knife to build a completely unique system that you could take with you into camp? If you could identify the challenges that you face in the woods and then customize the ideal knife and sheath package to take on those challenges, would that make your camp craft practices easier? If so, you should investigate the custom knife builder at The Knife Connection.

The Knife Connection’s Custom Knife Builder lets you create Custom Made Camp Knives that you can take with you on the trail with great confidence. Since you have control over the blade, type of sheathing and accessories, you can build out a platform to take on the specific challenges you find in your area or in your climate. Take a look here to see how it all works.

Their knife builder allows you to start with a blade blank like a TKC Bushbuddy 5.5or Bushbuddy 6.5 or an Ontario RAT-7 and then spec the entire system out from the blank up. You can customize the blade coating (on some models), scales, sheath, and other accessories to create custom made camp knives that are ideally suited to the conditions you face. On top of customizing the knife with the sheath and scales, you find most practical, you can include accessories like pouches and even a ferrocerium rod so you can keep other essentials close at hand when you’re in the woods. A custom made camp knife can help to round out some of those features on a knife you carry that you wish were different. Small scales, sharp edges, poor balance – these are only a few of the things you can fix by building out a custom knife with The Knife Connection’s Custom Knife Builder.

Setting yourself up with a custom made camp knife is only one of the ways The Knife Connection can help outfit you with camp and trail essentials. Take a look here at their offerings in camp knives from LT Wright, Great Eastern Cutlery, TOPS and more. You might find that though a custom camp knife is highly useful, you still need a second pocket knife as a backup. That’s not only fine, but it’s also common practice to carry several redundant tools when in the field. To see what kind of custom knives you can create and to investigate their selection of quality camp knives, take a look at their site at

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