Custom Paper Bags: What Does That Mean?

Custom Paper Bags: What Does That Mean?

Whether it be a city boutique selling handmade clothing, a popular takeaway restaurant offering home delivery or a family run farm shop selling local produce, carrier bags are an essential part of life for businesses and consumers alike. Nowadays, the impact of single use plastic is becoming widely understood, harming our wildlife and filling up landfill sites for many more years to come. The somewhat recent introduction of the carrier bag tax saw consumption drop, with consumers beginning to bring their own carrier bags shopping to save them from having to buy new ones.

There has been a huge rise in the number of businesses switching to custom paper bags, doing their bit to minimise their environmental impact without compromising on convenience. As well as being a more eco-friendly option, their flat surfaces are perfect for printing onto, adding branded designs which can portray the brand in a great light. As well as the option to print various designs to suit various different companies, additional extras can be utilised for a more premium appearance. From laminated finishes which create a sleek and glossy look to hot foiling which can add a metallic touch to draw attention, each brand can make their paper bags their own.

Over more recent years, the rise in custom paper bags has been massive, becoming a standard part of the retail industry. With benefits for both the brand and the consumer, we’re expecting the boom to continue even further as people shift away from single use plastics. Here are just a handful of the reasons why custom paper bags are taking the industry by storm:

  • Stand out from the crowd

With the option to unleash your creativity and create a unique design that catches the eye, businesses are thinking outside of the box. By paying attention to the smaller details, the overall brand image is cemented and passers-by will begin to recognise the branding. From minimalistic logos of luxury brands to bright and colourful campaign messaging as a promotional tool, the options really are endless.

  • A more ethical approach

Many businesses are doing what they can to become more sustainable, reducing their carbon footprint and improving their everyday operations. As well as the business themselves, paper bags appeal to the more conscious customer, helping them do their bit by recycling their used bag after it has been used.

  • Extreme versatility

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to paper bags, they can be designed in line with the requirements of each brand. With various shapes and sizes being possible, options can be found for even the most unique product offerings. There is also the option to reinforce the handles and base of the paper bags, adding additional strength where required.

  • Promotional events

It’s not just retail environments that are suitable for paper bags. Many brands love to use them as promotional tools, creating low cost goodie bags at press events or industry trade shows. With a great base for printing on to, they can be handed out to passers-by and work as an effective marketing tool.

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