Custom Rubber Stamps the immense features which make it perfect

Custom Rubber Stamps the immense features which make it perfect

Those days have long gone when rubber stamps were just used in workspaces and office environments. In the present times, custom rubber stamps are widely being used by businessmen and crafters for gifts, invitation cards, business branding, and address labels. Latex rubber, wooden mounting blocks, adhesive-backed labels, and adhesive-backed padding are the most important rubber materials used for making these items. There are a large number of companies that are known for providing top quality products in this category and in exclusive designs. With the companies providing custom products, the users get the flexibility of getting the stamp design customized as per their requirements.

Preparing the Designs and the Patterns

Preparing designs for rubber stamps is an art. The companies indulging in the manufacture and supply of these products generally hire the services of permanent professionals for carrying out this task. However, there are some companies that also make use of the services of designers working on a freelance basis. For logo products and address labels in this category, the designs and the data are provided by the consumers while the firms indulged in the production of these products make them by order.

Effective Usage

Customized rubber stamps are not only used in the office environment for return addresses; for printing logos or for signatures but they can even be used for the purpose of fun and various other activities. These are items that can be effectively used for making dresses and cards in individual designs. They can even be used for informal communications and for letterheads. Majority of the individuals use them for decorating their pieces of art and craft. These items can also be utilized for leaving a colorful and lasting imprint on photo albums and scrapbooks. One can also use them for making designs on different varieties of hard materials such as wooden furniture and jewelry box.


Earlier, these products were available only at select outlets. However, things have changed for the good these days. Now, these items are available almost anywhere. You can find them in the online stores and at the local markets as well. These are widely used products and thus you can easily purchase them online only through one click of the mouse on your system. Nevertheless, if you are in the lookout of products with certain designs, you get the option of forwarding your requirement and design to the different online stores. There are professionals working for these stores and they are experts in making different varieties of designs within affordable rates and within strict deadlines as well.

The Different Varieties that You Get

In the rubber stamps category, there are a number of varieties available and these include

Mounted – They are made of wooden, die or cushion mounts. They have wooden handles and serve to be greater for larger products that require the users to get a stronghold for a clear impression. They are the most traditional varieties available.

Molding Mount – They are available in single pieces and feature an edge making it easier for the users to have a good grip. They allow users to have a steady grip while using them.

Self Inking – This feature inking pads and are perfect for speed in times of repetitive stamping like labeling return addresses.

This is about the rubber variants and now we will be having a look at the varieties available in custom rubber stamp category. If you are looking to personalize your address or name on outgoing mail, postcards and other items then one of the easiest ways of doing this is by making use of a custom rubber stamp. This is the most simple and affordable alternative to using labels and stickers with personalized engravings. There are different varieties of these customized rubber products that one can order at the nearest printing company and the different types are as follows:

Return Address

This is probably the most common variety available in this category. It is generally used for cards and outgoing emails. Nevertheless, you can also use these items on coats, books, and envelopes or on anything that you want to have your return address on it.

Account Number

The account number variants are best used in issuing checks to other individuals. These products are generally needed when individuals need to have their names and their account numbers of the checks that they issue to the other parties. These might be highly useful when used for other significant financial documents such as income tax return forms. They give you the ease of having your account number handy as and when required. With the use of these products, you do not have to go through the hassle of looking up your account number every time you need it. They also help you in preventing errors or mistakes that are likely to take place when filling important applications and forms.


The name variants, as is suggested by their name, are used for stamping names on personalized cards and letters. They can even be used for marking notepads and books. There are many people who also use them during their weddings and at their wedding accessories. These products can have the names of both the groom and the bride. They can be used for personalizing tablecloths, invitation cards, napkins, and mementos.

Choosing the Right Stamp Printing Company is Important

When making the choice of a company that deals in custom rubber stamps, one thing that you must always have in mind is that the company should have a website that can be used very easily. It should also be a company that has been operating the business for a very long time. Go through customer reviews and testimonials in order to find a really efficient and professional company.

Add Print Rubber Stamps is one of the leading suppliers of custom rubber stamps in Australia. The company offers samples of its work to its prospective clients in order to ensure that they are getting the best services. At, there is not a single stone left unturned in providing satisfactory customer services and the best of products within an affordable range.

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