Custom Tea Boxes to Grab Sales that You Deserve

Custom Tea Boxes to Grab Sales that You Deserve

Tea is definitely among the most favorite item we look for in the kitchen. No doubt, the method of making tea is now modern and better than before; still, addiction is there. Some people also believe that addiction is the same as cigarettes or other tobacco products. But still, the value of tea is far above other kinds of addictive edibles. In some cultures, tea is a symbol of friendship, and in others, it is an essential part of breakfast. The methods of preparing tea might be different all over the world, but the way of packaging is the same. Almost all the manufacturers of tea use custom tea boxes to sell and preserve tea pouches and bags. Whether it is the granular tea pouch or bag, all are finally packaged inside a cardboard box.

Difference between primary and secondary type packaging

Various retail items undergo primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. Tea is among those items that its protection is very important. Manufacturers have to protect the tea from several things. First, they need something that can bundle it together, and for that, pouches and bags are used. This is the primary packaging, and with the help of that, manufacturers can decide the amount of tea they want to sell. Plus, they can decide the size of the secondary pack, which is in most cases a cardboard box of 18pt to 28pt. The best part about the primary packaging is that it is sealed, which prevents all kinds of spilling. The whole interior of the pouch remains clean and clear from all kinds of contamination.

Now, let’s talk about the secondary packaging that mostly has custom tea boxes. Different materials are popular for that. Among them, Kraft and cardboard are the most popular. Manufacturers can never imagine displaying their tea without the boxes. We see plenty of brands on the retail store selling tea in the box, and all of them have different styles and sizes for the box. Yellow, red, white, brown, and blue color boxes of tea are popular. With customization, the equation is simpler now, and people are acquiring four-color printing to give their box maximum exposure.

Top printing benefits 

Colorful boxes for tea are not only to make it attractive but to build brand recognition. In this era, marketing is important, and manufacturers are even doing it with printed packaging. Logo printing on the boxes and the use of finishing options like debossing and embossing are very common. This is all just to bring more customers through clear advertisement. Also, with printing, buyers can identify the type of tea they buy. Slimming tea, green tea, and basic tea types are all on the retail shelves. Customers can only identify by looking at the text on the box.

To show the premium class of boxes, manufacturers also use gloss, matter, and foiling. These add-ons are perfect to increase the worth of the products and bring more charm. Only the box which is custom made can have these properties because the ready-made ones have typical colors. You may find it cheap to buy, but there are a lot of limitations to that. Therefore, the trend of getting bespoke packaging solutions is popular.

Subscription packaging and tea boxes

In countries where the weather conditions are cold, people usually have the trend towards subscribing to tea pouches monthly. For that purpose, the manufacturers or retailers always use fancy boxes for a good presentation. They do not want the buyer to feel bad about their tea after receiving it at home. Hence, printing is important for them as well to assure better feedback from customers every month.

New and improved designs for display tea boxes

Tea is one of the widely used items all over the world. Despite this fact, brands are paying special attention to their products. This has pushed them to use new and advanced packaging solutions. As most of the time, tea is for sale in the retail market, so it is needed to have a special shape for boxes. For this, options for advanced display style packaging boxes are getting in action. It has enabled brands to make use of these latest options for branding and promotion. This is the reason one can notice uniquely made display-style packaging boxes for tea. This has put the product of tea in the limelight. Customers are getting inspired by the packaging, and thus sales are getting high. The use of custom options for these display packaging boxes is getting common.

Taking advantage of printing options

With the use of the latest printing facilities, the impact of display boxes can be increased a lot. For each variant of a tea box, there must be a dedicated printing scheme to be utilized. For brands, it is not just a painting of a box in a specific color. Rather brands need a colorful combination of printing patterns on their tea boxes. This has made companies make use of the latest techniques like offset printing.

It is one of the requirements for efficient branding of tea. This is the reason brands are now demanding special features from service providers. With the use of modern facilities, it is now possible to make any shape or use any mixture of color on boxes. This has made the retail market loaded with boxes of tea covered in a rainbow of colors. Sometimes, it makes it hard to select the tea box as all of them present a mesmerizing view.

Make effective use of tea display boxes

Brands are now focusing on counter-top display boxes for their product. For this purpose, the use of custom designing is a must. As going with already existing designs and styles will not yield desired results. For this purpose, companies are now producing display boxes made in extremely dedicated shapes. Depending upon the shape and size of the tea pack, one can have a dedicated box for putting in front of customers. Effective display packaging boxes are one of the reasons for the enhanced and effective promotion of tea.

Addition of special coating layers on boxes

For the products like tea, there is a need of using premium quality finishing packaging solutions. That is why advanced printing must be accompanied by lamination. The other techniques of adding protective sheet layers are also common. By employing these features, not only the looks can get better, but also the safety of items is possible. This is why companies are ensuring all these facilities to their customers.

Choice of materials

When it comes to exploring printing facilities, logo making is one of the great concerns for brands. For this reason, the use of advanced techniques is fluffing these requirements from brands. They can have their names and logo on the box excitingly. For this purpose, making use of modern machinery and facilities is a must. It is the result of these modern manufacturing facilities that have enabled the production of dedicated custom packaging solutions.

Other than printing and designing, numerous choices are also available for the material. Cardboard display packaging boxes have a well-established repute. However, the use of special eco-friendly material is also getting common. Brands can make use of these special materials for enhanced promotion of their tea.

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