What Is The Defense Base Act And How To Claim Its Benefits?

What Is The Defense Base Act And How To Claim Its Benefits?

In the world of contracting employees for various jobs, the defense base act plays a powerful role, and it is kept a secret. An injured worker comes to know about this insurance from his/her employee, co-employees, or the world wide web.

In this article, we will take a detailed tour of different aspects of the act and know how to claim its advantages.

What Is The Defense Base Act?

Like every other civilian hearing this term for the first time, you might also not know much about the defense base act. In layman’s language, this act is termed as workers’ compensation act.

The act was enforced to protect and serve all civilian employees working on United stated government contracts overseas in international countries if they are injured on the job.

According to history, the law was first passed during the Second World War under the Longshore Act framework. It has been over 70 long years since the act was first enforced. Now that we have understood DBA’s basics, we will do an in-depth study about the act. We will try to answers some of the most commonly asked questions by claimants to experienced defense base act attorneys.

In other words, the defense base act is a federal workers compensation act that primarily applies to individuals who have suffered an injury while working for private contractors that are providing services to the United States military on foreign lands.

1) How Much Compensation Claim Can Be Filed?

The payment that a claimant receives depends on the individuals gross annual earning. The average of claimants’ weekly salary is also considered during compensation.

When a claim is filed, the courtroom sums up the annual earning competency, and this sum is divided by 52 to calculate the average weekly income of the claimant. Usually, the weekly compensation that the affected individual receives is two-third of his/her average weekly income.

2) What All Medical Benefits Are Included In The Act?

The claimant can file the claim of all kinds of medical care required to treat the injury he/she has faced. These medical care includes treatments, tests, medication, surgeries, hospital bills, etc.

Not only does the claimant get all the medical care, but he/she also gets to choose the physician to get him/herself treated. The claimant can also opt for a specialist for the treatment. If the doctor suggests, the patient is also entitled to a good amount of rest from work.

3) What Type Of Injuries Are Included?

The answers to this question is a piece of good news for all those claimants. The defense base act covers many injuries like arm injuries, finger injuries, leg injuries, toes, hands, eyes, hearing, etc.

Many war-injured people face mental issues like Post Traumatic Disorder, stress, etc. These cognitive issues are also covered under the rules of DBA. If an individual has any kind of disability in the line of work, he/she is entitled to receive weekly compensation throughout the disability.

4) What Is DBA Benefits Protection?

Once a person gets injured, they are usually taken out of work for treatment by their treating doctors. Depending on the type of injury, the compensation from the DBA insurance varies. If the doctor says that the individual can continue working for the same job to perform similar responsibilities, you might not be entitled to any benefits.

But, if the doctors give some restrictions to be followed by the individual, he/she might still be entitled to partial or complete insurance benefits. The compensation wages also depend on the injury’s type based on the injury impacts on your work responsibilities.

5) How to File the Insurance Claim?

The defense base act insurance is a new term for a lot of new claimants. Hence, people are unaware of the process that is to be followed while claiming the insurance. The claimants can file the claim all by themselves. The claim needs to be filed once the claimant is out of treatment.

The individual can file the claim with the DLHWC.  If the claimant is confused in all the legal aspects of the claim, he/she can hire an experienced defense base attorney for assistance in the claiming process. A good attorney will help you file a good claim and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

6) Do I Need An Attorney?

The rules of the defense base act ensure that if a claimant hires an attorney and his/her prerequisites are met, the attorney’s fees are shifted and should be paid by the insurance agency or the employer.

If you are not familiar with the multiple legal terms included in the defense base act insurance, hiring an advocate is a good option. Some attorneys specialize in this field of work. So, hire one such experienced attorney and start getting your weekly compensation by filing the claim appropriately.

The purpose of writing this blog is that we have seen many deserving employees who have not taken the advantages bestowed upon them by the defense base act. We intended that every civilian working under a contract from the united stated government should know about this secret insurance so that no one has to miss out on their rights. So, if you have suffered an injury while you were on duty in the last month, you can file a claim for the insurance.

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