Delivering Brand Value through Customer Personas

Delivering Brand Value through Customer Personas

For a Brand to get garnered with customer value, the existing customers need to be fed with viable consumer experience before, during and after a sale. Before making a product or a service available on the market, brands need to see if they are able to answer these questions:

  • Who are my customers?
  • What are their immediate needs?
  • How profitable are they?
  • What are their challenges
  • Who are the most ideal customers for the product/service?

If these questions are truly answerable with conviction, then it’s more than half the job done when it comes to deriving customer value and delivering a great customer experience. Here is where high-stakes customer personas could just be the reckoning in contextual marketing , To know more about  contextual marketing visit

What are customer personas?

A singular customer persona comprises of vital demographics of every potential customer who could be of value to any brand. The customer data collected is intimate and also addresses the lesser-known engagements and requirements of the customers.

The process:

  • The personas are formulated through the clues and signals that the customers may leave behind in online channels.
  • Through these clues, a customer behavior model is charted and reflected in a data-rich system.
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms further combine to anticipate customer behavior, through the customer persona data.
  • Marketing automation takes over from here, to impress every potential customer with personalized offers, products, and services.

» Defining the personas

Every customer persona is initially built up by defining the professional calling of the customers. The occupations of customers play an important role in influening their buying patterns. So, deeply mined customer insights are determined to assign the personas even the most trivial details about the various professions that the customers have positions in.

» Adding goals and aspirations

The past engagements of the existing customers with your brand is a treasure to keep forever. The best thing is, they keep adding to that treasure chest. Apart from catering to their choices, these data can be lined up for complex customer preference and interaction studies. Their intimate moves on the digital channels can be seamlessly tracked using comprehensive customer analytics platforms, to know what their short-term and long-term goals and aspirations are.

» For instance,

A customer who had just bought a car may have indicated that the person needs an insurance for it. These minor yet influential cues are picked up by complex and contemporary customer value maximization systems in order to readily increase customer value.

» Shared Values

Shared values of a customer indicate the values that are synonymous with what the brand provides or could provide. The values of customers are found out by mapping their unaddressed needs and expectations, through online platforms. These values are matched with the products/services offered by the brand to see if there is a fit between the customer and the business. On knowing so, customers can be marketed what they deem to be valuable to each of them.

This could also end up being a surprise for the customers, as they are presented an opportunity at something they hold dearly, without voluntarily asking about it. Such is the efficiency of customer personas, inspired by behavioral analytics and anticipatory marketing. Impacting customers with shared values increase overall satisfaction and customer loyalty.

» Preferred touchpoints

Every customer has a unique way of communicating. Reaching out to them regarding marketing pitches must be in a medium that they best prefer. The actionable customer insights derived from data mining also determine the preferred touch points of various customers. Recognizing these touchpoints, marketing can be automated in a customized fashion. Omnichannel experience is something that today’s knowledgeable customers would gladly look forward to. Choosing customer-preferred routes instead of playing safe with the brand’s comfort inadvertently brings tangible maximization of customer value to the brand.

Customer engagement helps you understand the factors that drive value for different sections of your customer base by segmenting them based on their behavior. Xerago’s CVM also averts a burnout in bombarding clients with undesired offers, with the help of a high-accuracy prediction algorithm. For more help to develop customer value for your business, Schedule a Demo with Xerago’s CVM Platform.


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