On-Demand Ride-Booking Application: Travel More to Discover Yourself

On-Demand Ride-Booking Application: Travel More to Discover Yourself

It is difficult to travel in metropolitan cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and so on. Traffic congestion and disobeying the rules add up to this frustration. Two-wheelers ride through any place available, climbing over footpaths as they brush past rear-view mirrors; drivers peek their heads out of the window, hurling the choicest abuse at the vehicle in front; horns blare from all sides. We have to reach the destination on time. It takes 30 to 45 minutes to reach our place in Chennai city traffic. Bike Taxi services are a feasible solution for all this chaos. It involves simple steps to use the application.

How to use it?

#Step 1: Request – Customers can request the service they need.

#Step 2: Matching –  The nearby driver is connected, and the time estimate is displayed. The trip fare is calculated based on various attributes computed at the back-end.

#Step 3: Ride – They can choose the required services appropriately.

#Step 4:Payment – Payment is possible through any of the options available.

#Step 5:Feedback – Customers can rate the services and also give comments.

Things to be considered while developing the taxi-hailing app:

Stages involved in the creation of the app:

  • Pre-development Stage- It involves aspects like forming the idea or layout. 
  • Business analysis.
  • UI design
  • Software planning 
  • Review

Development Stage

It is developing the prototype model of the app layout that includes the list of features in the app and testing the quality of them in various scenarios. A business analyst and software architect align the goals with the product development process.

  • Development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Project management

Ongoing development and support

 Working on the actual model.

  •  Business analysis
  • Team review.

Marketing and promotion

 Release of the product. 

  • Advertisements
  • Posting the apps
  • SEO analysis

There are numerous factors to be considered for the development of the

On-Demand Bike Taxi Software:

  • Type of platforms– These include various platforms like iOS, Android, etc.
  • Number of platforms- Smartphones, tablet, and PC comes under this category
  • UI theme It is the development of the front end of the application.
  • Sign up and login procedures– Storing of users details and providing automatic login each time.
  • Security encryption– The ways to protect the details of the customer.
  • Third-party integrations- Integration with social media, email, and transport agencies.
  • Advanced features– It includes the In-app chat features, GPS navigation, etc

Time spent in developing each process:

Time is an integral part of any project. It helps developers to plan each process accordingly. Let ‘s look at the time involved in various parts of the development. 

Function iOS Android Backend
Authorization 16-24 hrs 16-24 hrs 8-16 hrs
Post creation 24-31 hrs 24-32 hrs 32-64 hrs
Feed 40-52  hrs 40-56 hrs 24-40 hrs
Social Features 8-16  hrs 8-16 hrs 8-16 hrs
Image processing 32-56 hrs 32-56 hrs Nil
Messaging 40-80 hrs 8-16 hrs 40-80 hrs
Notification 8-16 hrs 8-16 hrs 16-32 hrs
Search 16-24 hrs 16-24 hrs 32-48 hrs
GPS  16-32 hrs 16-32 hrs 16-24 hrs

Bike Taxi App Development involves the processing of the following features:

  App For Passenger:-

  • Booking a taxi 
  • Real-time tracking of the drivers
  • Fare calculation.
  • Selection of cab type.
  • Multiple-payment options
  • Booking history
  • Feedback and ratings
  • In-app chat options
  • Discounts & voucher

App For Driver:

  • Registration 
  • Notification
  • Updating status.
  • Booking history
  • Navigation with Google

Benefits of outsourcing your project to a mobile app developer:


  • Experience: Experienced developers are involved in the project development, so the quality of the result is up to the mark
  • Speed: The full-fledged app will be ready within 12 weeks. It will take a minimum of 12 months to develop it.
  • Maintenance: Any application should be updated with new features and functionality for better functioning. The outsourcing team takes care of the regular maintenance.
  • Technical support: There will be 24/7 support should there be any issues with the app. This service will be useful to the customers.
  • Quality Product: The development phase involves multiple rounds of quality testing so the product will face minimal risks.

Revenue models of Taxi booking application:

There are multiple ways to make profits by owning the app. Such as,

  • Advertisements- Promoting the product by putting promotional content in various platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, etc.
  • Premium features- Making available certain exclusive features only for the paid members.


People are finding the bike taxi Services applications convenient when compared to the traditional means of acquiring the Taxi. The main reason for this is the attractive user interface the app provides and the reasonable fare. The market for such applications is in demand, so that it will give profits to the owners. It is a one-time investment involved in developing the app other than that there are only minor technical adjustments needed now and then. Owners will get a regular income and gain a lot through the trending venture like the  taxi booking application development.

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