Reasons to Consider Display Boards for Your Next Event

Reasons to Consider Display Boards for Your Next Event

When it comes to the panel, the display board may not be your first idea, but this versatile and lightweight screen works well in the display, especially if your budget is too tight.

Here are some reasons why you might think of a display board for the next event.


Display boards can be used for many events and presentation needs. If you are going to plan an event either personal or professional, you can take Display Board Hire London services. They are ideal for delivering marketing messages to your business. It can also be used to display portfolio images – saving you space to use many physical products for presentations.

Other uses include craft fairs, tourist information centers, art galleries and schools. Community groups, such as historical communities, use panels to provide information that photographers can use to display images in their wallets.

Versatile and Practical:

The display board provides a blank canvas. They are covered with plain weave on both sides, so it’s up to you to show them – from print labels to art prints and greeting cards to photos. Because assets are not permanent, it’s easy to change presentations at low cost without having to buy a brand-new booth. This is the ideal option if you change your marketing information regularly.

The display board is double-sided, so you can use a large viewing space to promote your business. One side of the display panel has a rest in the frame, and the drawing can remain in place even if the display panel is folded – ideal for easy installation and imaging in the busy days of the day.

To focus more on your display panel, why not add light? This snaps easily at the top of the frame and can be used to light the rack.


The price of the desktop display board is only £ 52, and these brackets are a good value for money. If your budget is too limited, you can get a high-quality screen, and you can leave money for printed assets or accessories for the holder.

Portable and Lightweight:

The display board is really a lightweight display option. Display boards weigh just 3.5 kg and best-selling 6-panel folding display – only 9 kg – that is easy to manage.

Each display board is equipped with a specially designed carrying case that contains all the elements of the collection. This makes it easy to transport by car or public transport. The bag also protects the display panel while charging or storing.

Easy to Use:

Most of the display boards are folding, so the panels are hung together and simply reveal. For the six, seven, and eight panels, the top and bottom are enlarged, and then simply click to assemble the bow together. Collapsing the collapsible display panel does not require any tools, and setup can be done by one person in a few minutes.

The panel and the pole display board are assembled as a group, including a section connecting the display panel to the pole. These panels can be mounted anywhere on the pole and set at different angles to create a unique screen to suit your needs. When you Display Board Hire London services it will also guide you what type of display board suits your event that also completes your needs. This is the ideal choice if you are involved in a range of activities in different types of places.

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