Display Packaging for Jewelry

Display Packaging for Jewelry

Display packaging holds strategic importance in the jewelry sector. If you have your own jewelry store, you might realize the importance of custom boxes for your jewelry collection. They enhance the elegance of your valuable items. No matter how perfectly you have created your jewelry, it seems unattractive without presenting in alluring custom printed boxes. Various manufacturers are available in the market which provides you with display packaging for jewelry. They ensure a safe delivery of jewelry by providing high-quality packaging.

Custom Boxes

Premium Quality Material

Those who have worked in the jewelry sector for years might estimate that even a most precious gemstone does not work without a box. So the jewelers, retailers, and craftsmen can’t underestimate the importance of display packaging for jewelry. The custom boxes made from velvet or other worthy materials can enhance the view of the packaging. It adds to the shape, color, brilliance and other features of the jewelry. Choosing a premium quality material can change the way present your valuable pieces.

Custom packaging boxes for displaying jewelry are made from highly durable cardboard. Sometimes a wooden or metallic frame is introduced in the center to provide more protection. The whole structure is designed from thick cardboard sheets which ensure safety to the products. Once the box is created, premium quality fabric like black velvet, white leather or durable burlap is used to cover it. Choosing a perfect material is important to make your box presentable. For silver or diamond jewelry, black velvet display provides a good contrast. Whereas as for eco-chic designs, burlap display is the best option.

Custom Packaging BOX

Customization Options

There are unlimited customization options with respect to display packaging for jewelry. The shape, size, and style of the box can be designed according to customer’s requirement. The custom boxes can be personalized by imprinting services. Various designs and patterns can be made on the box by using high tech printing. The box may be converted to the shape of heart, leaf or shell whatever you want depending on the type of jewelry. The shape of the jewel to be presenting in the box is the first thing to consider while designing its display packaging. Fascinating colors can be aded to the custom printed boxes to make them more inspiring for the customers. The use of inserts, ribbons are other embellishments can add more value to your display packaging. In the past few years, companies have come up with highly innovative packaging to make their jewelry stand out.

Highlight your Jewelry Brand

The manufacturers try their best to transform custom boxes for jewelry into such a communication tool with promoting your brand. Display jewelry packaging is a great way to highlight your brand by making it memorable for customers. By using various printing options, you can print the company’s logo on the custom packaging boxes. This not only looks great but also advertises your brand where ever it goes. Normally the jewelry boxes do not contain excessive patterns on them, so the logo is the thing which never gets un-noticed on a jewelry box.



Although the display packaging for jewelry looks awesome it is very cost-effective. Brands can easily go for a number of combinations without disturbing their budget. In addition to custom boxes, other alternates are also available to fit your cost. They include showcases, custom jewelry bags and other types of display to preserve your precious items. By creating more classic packaging, you can increase one’s love for jewelry. The best packaging is the one which highlights the features of your jewelry at cost-effective rates.

Custom Box

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