Distinguish ICO Marketing and Traditional Marketing
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Distinguish ICO Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Distinguish ICO Marketing and Traditional Marketing

By raising a record amount of funds for startups, ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) are transforming the cryptocurrency landscape. However, the marketing strategy formulated behind the scenes by specialists can play a big difference between achieving success and failure.

While traditional marketing is not cost-effective in communication with investors, ICO marketing makes use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to reach out to investors through a detailed on-page and off-page strategy.

ICO marketing makes use of digital tools such as email marketing, social media promotion and Pay-Per-Click strategies to engage with the target audience.

On the other hand, traditional marketing aims to optimize its performance by focussing only on one specific channel. It means a physical medium of communication through billboards, direct mails, posters, banners, catalogues, radio, advertisements published in magazines and newspapers, telemarketing, organizing events etc.

Traditional marketing has certain advantages as it is impactful and easy to understand. It is permanent and cannot be removed easily. While digital marketing campaigns are easy to measure through sophisticated tools, the impact of traditional marketing campaigns cannot be measured at all. Advertising in leading and well-circulated newspapers and magazines can be very costly. This can put small businesses at a huge disadvantage. The audience’s reaction to your marketing efforts cannot be analyzed.

ICO marketing works wonders as it can be customized according to the needs of the target audience. Engagement of the audience can be tracked continuously over a period.

Some of the limitations in ICO marketing are some users may find it annoying if it pops up frequently on their screens. It is temporary owing to its intangible nature. Since every channel requires specialists to undertake the activity of creating campaigns, it is constantly evolving.

ICO marketing can appeal globally to any investor located in any part of the world. Traditional marketing will attract only members of the local audience.

Traditional marketing is more time consuming as it takes several weeks or months to get tangible results as it has a slow feedback loop. ICO marketing is effective as results can be measured on a real-time basis.

While traditional marketing tools such as TV and radio commercials will play multiple times to remind the targeted audience of their product, digital marketing ads can be skipped or blocked to prevent it from being watched.

Traditional marketing can suffer from space issues and frequency of advertisements. There are no such restrictions in ICO marketing and that will help in promoting the brand better.

Traditional marketing is more personalized as it involves physical communication and interaction. However, digital marketing involves two-way conversation as people can share their opinion and feedback, unlike traditional marketing which relies on a one-sided conversation.

While ICO marketing definitely has a lot of advantages in the digital era when compared to traditional marketing, it cannot completely overthrow traditional marketing. If ico marketing is on your mind then contact the best ICO marketing service provider and achieve your business objectives seamlessly.

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