Duracable Has Quality Supplies for Less

Duracable Has Quality Supplies for Less

To run a successful drain cleaning business, you need to have equipment that you can rely on. Too often the choice when purchasing tools and supplies is between buying high-quality supplies at insane prices and buying affordable supplies that are cheaply constructed. Duracable Manufacturing is here to offer a third option. We manufacture drain cleaning and plumbing supplies in the USA. All of our products are made to the highest standards from quality tested materials. Whether you need a complete drain cleaning machine, a replacement 100 foot drain snake, or just some new cutting blades for your existing setup, Duracable has the quality supplies your business needs at manufacturer direct pricing.

One of the most important tools for every drain cleaning business is your cables. Whether you know them as pipe snakes, sewer cables, or drain lines, these coil metal cables are the reason we no longer have to disassemble or dig up every clogged drain pipe. We make each of our drain cables from our proprietary high-tensile strength, hard-drawn wire. Each batch of wire is quality tested before being spun into our strong and flexible cables. If your cable experiences failure due to a material defect within 30 days, we will replace it. You can purchase our cables with hollow or nylon cores in the following lengths and diameters.

Lengths: 37’, 50’, 60’, 75’, 80’, 90’, 100’, 110’, 120’, 130’, 140’, 150’, and custom
Diameters: 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 11/16”, & 3/4”

When you are dealing with a tough obstruction, you need the power of a cable machine. Feeding a 100 foot drain snake by hand can be an arduous task. Several of our cable machine models feature powered feed and return cable systems to make your jobs go smoothly. All of our high-quality cable machines are operated with an air foot switch and use our interchangeable cable drum design, making it easy to switch from a 37-foot sink snake to a 100 foot drain snake. Each of our machines includes a minimum 2-year warranty on both the frame and motor and our repair team can help you with any other issues. We offer a line of machines ranging from compact sink machines to heavy duty upright systems.

To pack some extra punch when using your drain cable machine, you need to add a blade attachment. We stock over 100 blade and cable tip options. Whether you need a saw tipped blade to cut a tree root from a main or a spiral grease cutter to clear out a clogged drain, Duracable has the perfect part for the job. All of our blades are designed to fit most standard cable designs.

If your business requires additional tools, we are a licensed distributor and repair specialist for RIGID camera products. We carry both RIGID camera snakes and utility line locators. These tools are essential for troubleshooting and developing a clog removal plan up to 325’ down a line.

For an additional service to offer after you have completed a job, we also offer ProClean drain care products. The ProClean formula combines deodorizers with beneficial bacteria to maintain long term drain health. These microbes grow inside of pipes and break down organic waste into harmless CO2 and water. A perfect, environmentally friendly, solution for keeping your customer’s pipes from developing future clogs.

No matter what supplies your drain cleaning business needs, Duracable has quality options at direct pricing. Don’t deal with middlemen just to acquire the essential tools of your trade. Duracable is a trusted manufacturer that has been helping professionals provide superior service for over 30 years. Give our customer service team a call (515-512-9817) or visit our website to find amazing deals on everything from machines to blades.

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