eBay Design Tips That Will Double Your Sales

eBay Design Tips That Will Double Your Sales

This week, with the best eBay design advice, you’ll learn to boost eBay sales by Etienne Amion, a professional eBay designer and a new salesperson. For 2018 and beyond, Etienne will offer great eBay design tips! During 2019, I have been working on some awesome projects with so many big eBay businesses. We’ve often created creative eBay designs, which convert to sales, with each new template idea.

If you’re reading this post, can I assume that you’re looking for ways to save time on the listing and give your eBay sales a boost in 2019?

Then this is the post for you!

What to do, I’m not going to say you. I will show you an example of the layout of eBay templates that include some of the largest eBay design recommendation to give your consultant trying to look templates.

How to Boost eBay Sales – Main Topics

  1. General structure and features
  2. Making your titles, taglines, and call to action stand out
  3. Adding shadows to create depth
  4. Creative use of tabs in your description
  5. Increase cart value with the new cross-sell gallery

eBay Design – General Structure and Features

This design template for eBay comprises of six primary parts, all of which will improve future customers about the sale of a specific message.


Making your Titles, Taglines, and Call to Action Stand Out

Taking a closer look at the header image. It is made up of three components:

  1. A professional logo. A must set the tone for a professional listing.
  2. Key service icons to reassure your prospective customer that shopping with you will be efficient and painless: Fast and free post, 30 days returns, helpful 24h support.
  3. “You found it!” A strong slogan to remind them that they are in the right place.

Adding Shadows to Create Depth

Shadows, let’s speak. Almost any portion of your register was easily implemented. You can add depth to the shapes, text, and tabs almost anything, a three-dimensional component. Use the shade instrument to make your model layout look subtle or to emphasize a special element. It also helps to split the list into several parts without the use of garish borders.

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Creative Use of Tabs in your Description

Let’s talk about tabs now! In a past post, I talked about tabs. They both provide practical and valuable room for boring but vital information, including policies on mail and return. I would like to demonstrate to you here how I now apply them in the product description field of the model. Let me tell you why, if your item descriptions aren’t too lengthy, I understand it was a great idea.

A pain-point client went to me. With most of his listings, we had built a large general template which he had used successfully. It is simple to maintain your descriptions to a similar length when you tend to compose them, and a master model usually is everything you need. The issue arose when products with different description sizes were listed, some were smaller and some were longer. That meant that there was not enough space and the description overlapped when he duplicated a template and replaced the descriptions, or there was enough white space.

Increase Cart Value with the new Cross-Sell Gallery

For the last, I saved the best. The long-awaited gallery for inter-sales. It also appears good as an important factor in any eBay template design. It is by far the best cross-selling gallery I have ever found, based on the knowledge. Simply press and push the icon close to the bottom of the left toolbar. The proprietary algorithm does everything for you by choosing the most important items on the inter-sales gallery. It appears good on portable as well as a desktop and complies 100% with the open download strategy of eBay.

Now It’s Your Turn

Make 2019 the year when you generate the most of eBayers outstanding tools. The market is changing, so we constantly need to improve our skills as vendors to take a competitive advantage.

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